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Qi wireless Charger receiver pad Samsung Galaxy SIII S3 I9300

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NEW Qi wireless Charger receiver pad for Samsung Galaxy SIII S3 I9300

Condition: Brand new
warranty: 1 year warranty

Product Details

Type: Qi wireless receiver Pad
Function: WPC Qi compliant wireless receiver special degisn for Samsung Galaxy S3. This is the most efficient way for device to become wireless power ready. Minimal impact on cost without needing to purchase external wireless power accessories(back cover/jacket) or intergrated modules into the device.
Specification Dimension : 63 * 46 * 1.1mm
Net weight : 8 2.5g
Technical parameter Input Power :≥ 3.5W
Output : DC5V/650mA (Max)
Charging current : DC5V/500mA (Max)
Charging time : 5 0.5 hrs
Reaction temperature : -10 ~ 40 ℃
Working heat up range :≤ 20 ℃ (ambient temperature ≤ 25 ℃ )
Working ambient humidity :≤ 80%
Working life : Charge & discharge > 4000 times
Color: Blue

Ultrathin design, compact and light weight without increasing additional weight of the S3.
Adding wireless charging feature by piggybacking the Energy Card on the battery of S3, it work well with any Qi-enabled charger.
Easy assembly and disassembly, convenient to use in 3 steps as follows: Take off the back cover, attach the Energy Card on the battery, put on the back cover.
Energy Card can be attached at all time without removing it frequently and would not interrupting the normal use of S3.

Package: Receiver pad only, not including the charging pad

Use Guide:
1, the receiving coil attached to the phone battery, two the contacts aligned cell phone reserved the two contacts 2 coil installed, cover the back cover of the phone is placed in the charger area can give the phone Oki

Method of charging rechargeable machine

1, rechargeable machines with QI flag placed in the charging area
2, placed in to the charging area after charging, mobile charging machines (in order to machine identification)
3, a charge not charged occurs, adjust the position to be charged

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