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Qi Wireless Charger Receiver For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II N7100

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Qi wireless Charger receiver pad for Samsung Galaxy Note II 2 N7100 N7105

Condition: Brand new
warranty: 1 year warranty

Product Details

*Product is suitable for: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II
*Name: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II built-in wireless charger (receiver)
*Charge: battery (one-on-one charge)
*Charging frequency: 100-200Khz
*Wireless distance: 5mm
*Weight: 10g
*Dimensions: 62 * 46 * 1mm
*Energy conversion: more than 72%
*Charging voltage: 5V
*Charging current: 500mA-1000mAh

Package: including:

The receiver pad only, not including the charging pad

Use Guide:

1 the receiving coil attached to the phone battery, two the contacts aligned cell phone reserved the two contacts
2 coil installed, cover the back cover of the phone is placed in the charger area can give the phone Oki

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