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new TOSHIBA 120GB MK1224GAH for JS8-00003 JS8-00002 JS8-00001

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brand new 1.8" TOSHIBA 120GB MK1224GAH FOR iPod 5TH 5.5G GEN VIDEO 6th  Gen Classic

Manufacturer: Toshiba
Model: MK1224GAH
Interface: ZIF/LIF/CE
Interface speed: 100MB/S 
Formatted capacity: 120GB

Condition: brand new Warranty: 3 year warranty!!

Fit model:

Fifth-Enhanced (5.5G) Generation (Video)
30GB white: MA444LL/A
30GB black: MA446LL/A
80GB white: MA448LL/A
80GB black: MA450LL/A

Fifth (5.0G) Generation (Video)
30GB white: MA002LL/A
30GB black: MA146LL/A
60GB white: MA003LL/A
60GB black: MA147LL/A
30GB U2: MA452LL/A

Microsoft Zune Digital Media Player
30GB Brown JS8-00003
30GB Black JS8-00001
30GB White JS8-00002

iPod 6th  Gen Classic

Buffer size: 2M 
Rotation speed: 4200rpm 
Average seek time: 7.14ms 
Track to track seek time: 3.0ms 
Allowable voltage: 3.3v+5% 
Height: 8.0mm

width: 54.0mm Depth: 71.0mm  Weight: 59g(max) 


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