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New Sony Vaio T13 SVT131A11T motherboard MBX-265 Z30UL I7

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Integrated Sony Vaio T13 Series SVT131A11T Motherboard MBX-265 Z30UL I7 cpu

Part number: MBX-265 Z30UL S1206-1 48.4UJ01.011 A1890495A
Category: Sony Laptop Motherboard
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New, Tested and Guaranteed to Work Perfectly
warranty: 3 month

Fit Models:

Sony Vaio T13 Series SVT131A11T
SV-T1311M1ES SV-T1311W1ES SVT13112FXS SVT13113FXS SVT13114GXS SVT13116FXS SVT13118FXS SVT131190X SVT1311CGX/S SVT1311EFYS SVT13122CXS SVT13124CXS SVT13125CXS SVT13126CXS SVT13126CYS SVT13127CXS SVT13128CXS SVT13128CYS SVT131290X SVT1312BPXS SVT13132CXS SVT13132PXS SVT13134CXS SVT13135CXS SVT13136CXS SVT13136CYS SVT13137CXS SVT13138CXS SVT131390X SVT1313ACXS

Note: no all models are listed.

Package Included: One pc of Motherboard (without CPU,Memory and Fan)

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