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New Intel 6235AN-HMW WLAN Wifi Card HP dv6-7000 dv6t-7000

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New Intel 300M 6235 6235AN HMW Bluetooth 4.0 BT WLAN Wireless Card

Condition: Brand new, 1 year warranty!

Brand: Intel
Adapter Type: Half Mini PCl-e
Device Type: Wireless
Support Type: 802.11 ABGN + Bluetooth 4.0
Functionality: Internal Wireless Asapter

Model: 6235AN-HMW / Centrino Advanced-n 6235

Work For:

All HP laptop Series

HP ENVY 4-1000 Series
HP ENVY 4-1001tu 4-1001tx 4-1002tu 4-1002tx 4-1003tu 4-1003tx 4-1004tx 4-1005tx 4-1006tx 4-1007tx 4-1009tu 4-1009tx 4-1010tu 4-1014tu 4-1014tx 4-1015tu 4-1015tx 4-1016tu 4-1016tx 4-1017tu 4-1017tx 4-1018tu 4-1018tx 4-1019tu 4-1019tx 4-1020tx 4-1021tx 4-1023tx 4-1024tu 4-1025tx 4-1026tu 4-1030tx 4-1031tx 4-1035tx 4-1045tx 4-1030us

HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1000 Series Series
HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1000et 4-1000sg 4-1000st 4-1001et 4-1002tx 4-1004tx 4-1005xx 4-1007tx 4-1010ea 4-1010ed 4-1010en 4-1010ew 4-1010sa 4-1010sd 4-1010sn 4-1010ss 4-1010sw 4-1012tu 4-1015dx 4-1016tx 4-1017nr 4-1017tu 4-1017tx 4-1018tx 4-1019tu 4-1019wm 4-1020ea 4-1020eb 4-1020es 4-1020ew 4-1020ss 4-1020sw 4-1020tx 4-1023tx 4-1028tu 4-1029tu 4-1030ca 4-1030ed 4-1030en 4-1030sd 4-1030sn 4-1030ss 4-1030us 4-1031tu 4-1031tx 4-1035sg 4-1035tu 4-1035tx 4-1038nr 4-1038tu 4-1038tx 4-1040ss 4-1040tu 4-1041tx 4-1043cl 4-1043tx 4-1044tx 4-1045tu 4-1045tx 4-1046tx 4-1048tx 4-1049tx 4-1050br 4-1050ca 4-1050er 4-1050la 4-1050tx 4-1051er 4-1051tu 4-1051tx 4-1052er 4-1052tx 4-1053tu 4-1053tx 4-1054tx 4-1056tx 4-1057tx 4-1060tx 4-1061tx 4-1062ef 4-1062sf 4-1062tx 4-1066tx 4-1070ef 4-1070el 4-1070sf 4-1080eo 4-1080ex 4-1080sx 4-1090eo

HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4-1100 Series
HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook4-1108TU 4-1109TU 4-1112TU 4-1102es 4-1101ss 4-1195ca 4-1130us Sleekbook

HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4-1100 Series
HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4-1100es 4-1102ed 4-1102sg 4-1103ea 4-1103eo 4-1110et 4-1112tu 4-1118tu 4-1119tu 4-1121tu 4-1125tu 4-1130eb 4-1130ei 4-1130ew 4-1130sb 4-1160ec 4-1161er 4-1170ez 4-1180sf 4-1195ca CTO 4t-1100

HP Pavilion dv6-7000 dv6t-7000 Series
HP Pavilion dv6-7000ee dv6-7000ej dv6-7000se dv6-7001ev dv6-7001tu dv6-7002ax dv6-7002ev dv6-7002ss dv6-7002st dv6-7002tx dv6-7003em dv6-7003et dv6-7003sp dv6-7003ss dv6-7003tx dv6-7003xx dv6-7004ss dv6-7005sp dv6-7007tx dv6-7008tx dv6-7009tx dv6-7010ej dv6-7010eo dv6-7010tx dv6-7012tx dv6-7013tx dv6-7014nr dv6-7014tx dv6-7015ca dv6-7017tx dv6-7018tx dv6-7019tx dv6-7020tx dv6-7022eo dv6-7023tx dv6-7025tx dv6-7026tx dv6-7028tx dv6-7029tx dv6-7030ee dv6-7030ez dv6-7030se dv6-7030sz dv6-7030tx dv6-7031tx dv6-7033tx dv6-7034tx dv6-7050ea dv6-7050eb dv6-7050ei dv6-7050er dv6-7050ez dv6-7050sb dv6-7051er dv6-7051sa dv6-7051xx dv6-7054er dv6-7055er dv6-7056er dv6-7058er dv6-7060er dv6-7060sf dv6-7061sa dv6-7062sf dv6-7063ea dv6-7063sa dv6-7070ee dv6-7070el dv6-7070se dv6-7070sf dv6-7071sf dv6-7077eo dv6-7080eb dv6-7080ee dv6-7080se dv6-7081eg dv6-7090el dv6-7090sf dv6-7097eo dv6-7099el dv6-7099eo dv6t-7000 CTO

( not including DELL, Lenovo)

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