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New Intel 6235AN-HMW BT 4.0 WLAN Wifi Card MSI GT683DX GT683DXR

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New Intel 300M 6235 6235AN HMW Bluetooth 4.0 BT WLAN Wireless Card

Condition: Brand new, 1 year warranty!

Brand: Intel
Adapter Type: Half Mini PCl-e
Device Type: Wireless
Support Type: 802.11 ABGN + Bluetooth 4.0
Functionality: Internal Wireless Asapter

Model: 6235AN-HMW / Centrino Advanced-n 6235

Work For:

MSI MS16F2 MS-16F2 Series
MSI GX660R Series
MSI GX660R-060US GX600-084UK GX660-253EU GX660R-474UK GX660R-075FR GX660R-i7468LW7P GX660R-i7488LW7P

MSI GT680 Series
MSI GT680-035UK GT680-037UK GT680-055AU GT680-057AU

MSI GT683 Series
MSI GT683-246 GT683-278au GT683-279au GT683-441AU GT683R-242US GT683-297US GT683R-263ZA GT683-278AU GT683-441AU GT683R-472ZA GT683-841US GT683-694UK GT683-i71691BLW7U 16F21-SKU3

MSI GT683DX GT683DXR Series
MSI GT683DX-473US GT683DX-804UK GT683DXR-479UK GT683DX-619BEGT683DX-608NE GT683DX-470NL GT683DX-461RU GT683DX-475XPL GT683DX-690CSmGT683DX-603 GT683DX-648NE GT683DXR 423US GT683DXR-603US GT683DXR 427US GT683DXR-634US GT683DXR-633US GT683DXR-473US GT683DXR-489US GT683DXR-600FR
GT683DXR-455FR GT683DXR-478FR GT683DXR-i7810BLW7H GT683DX-i71691BLW7H Gt683dx-i789blw7h GT683R i768BLW7P GT683DX-631XPL GT683DXR-S1 GT683DXR-I002PL

MSI GT685 Series
MSI GT685-831XPL GT685-822AU GT685-819RU GT685-818US GT685-822AU GT685R-837NL GT685H-i78912BLW7H

( not including DELL, Lenovo)

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