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new ATI HD 2600 XT 256MB GPU Card. 452322-001 Graphics Card

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new ATI HD2600 XT 256MB GPU Card. hp 452322-001 446556-001 Graphics Card

Condition: New , 3 month warranty

Technical Details :
Manufacturer: HP
Memory Size: 256 MB
Chipset Manufacturer: ATI
Graphics Processor: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
Type: MAX II (73mmX78mm)

Part number:

HP 452322-001 446556-001

Fit Model:

HP HDX9000 Series

HDX9000T HDX9001TX HDX9002TX HDX9003TX HDX9003XX HDX9004TX HDX9004XX HDX9005TX HDX9006TX HDX9007TX HDX9008TX HDX9009TX HDX9010NR HDX9010TX HDX9011TX HDX9013TX HDX9050EF HDX9050EG HDX9070EO HDX9080LA HDX9090EA HDX9090EF HDX9095EA HDX9095EL HDX9095EO HDX9095ES HDX9101TX HDX9102TX HDX9103TX HDX9104TX HDX9105TX HDX9106TX HDX9107TX HDX9108TX HDX9109TX HDX9110TX HDX9111TX HDX9120EA HDX9130EG HDX9130EL HDX9130EO HDX9130ES HDX9150EF HDX9160EA HDX9170EO HDX9190EF HDX9200T HDX9201TX HDX9201XX HDX9202TX HDX9202XX HDX9203TX HDX9204TX HDX9205NR HDX9205TX HDX9206TX HDX9207TX HDX9210TX HDX9211TX HDX9212TX HDX9213TX HDX9214TX HDX9215TX HDX9216TX HDX9217TX HDX9218TX HDX9219TX HDX9220TX HDX9221TX HDX9222TX HDX9229TX HDX9230TX HDX9278LA HDX9302XX HDX9303XX HDX9309TX HDX9312TX HDX9316TX HDX9325TX HDX9402TX HDX9403TX HDX9478LA HDX9480LA HDX9572LA

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