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New ASUS VivoTab RT 10.1 TF600T TF600TG Touch Screen Digitizer

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New VQLT531 Asus VivoTab RT TF600T TF600TG TF600TL Touch Panel Screen Glass Digitizer Lens

Description :

This 10.1" Touch Screen Digitizer For TF600T TF600TG TF600TL is the optimal replacement for your damaged, cracked, unrecognized touch screen digitizer. It provides you with an intuitive and convenient way to control your tablet PC. Perfectly fit for your digital device, this touch screen digitizer is easy to install. After replacing your previous digitizer with the new one, your tablet will work as perfectly as before. With the least money to meet your greatest desire! The best is coming! Don't miss this indispensable accessory! Order it to keep your device in excellent condition.

1.Made of durable material, it can be used for a long time
2.Each screen is tested professionally before shipping and working
3.It is used to replace your wrong, damaged, cracked, unrecognized touch screen digitizer
4.It is easy to replace
5.It is a best choice for Tablet PC

Touch screen flex cable part number:

VQLT531 41.1AU1003.204 Career K1 94V-01 1242

Fit models:

ASUS VivoTab RT 10.1 TF600T Series
ASUS TF600-GY32 TF600-GY32D TF600T-B1-GR TF600T-B1-GR-CBTF600T-C1-GR TF600T-1B028R TF600T-1B063R TF600T-1B071R TF600T-1B02

ASUS VivoTab RT 3G 10.1 TF600TG Series
TF600TG-1B001R TF600TG-1B002R TF600TG-1I004R TF600TG-1B005R TF600TG-1B013R TF600TG-1B015R TF600TG-1B016R TF600TG-1B040R TF600TG-1B052R TF600TG-1B054R TF600TG-1B062R TF600TG-1B068R TF600TG-1B069R TF600TG-1B071R TF600TG-1B089R TF600TG-1B092R TF600TG-1B097R TF600TG-1B121RM

ASUS VivoTab RT LTE 10.1 TF600TL Series

Package Includes:
1 x 10.1" Touch Screen Digitizer For ASUS TF600T TF600TG TF600TL

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