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New ASUS MeMO Pad HD7 ME173 ME173X LED Screen Display Panel

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NEW ASUS MeMO Pad HD7 ME173 ME173X LED LCD Screen Display

Detailed explanation

NEW/OEM LCD Screen Display For ASUS MeMO Pad HD7ME173Note: not contain Touch Galss)

Condition: Brand New, working in perfect condition

Compatibility With: 

ASUS MeMO Pad HD7 ME173 ME173X Tablet Series

ASUSME173X-A1-BL ME173X-1B002A ME173X-1A003A ME173X-1B008A ME173X-1A009A ME173X-1A010A ME173X-1A011A ME173X-1B013A ME173X-1A018A ME173X-1A018AME173X-1A021A ME173X-1B024A ME173X-1A030A ME173X-1A039A ME173X-1B056A ME173X-1A065A ME173X-1B033A ME173X-1B045A ME173X-A1-GN ME173X-A1-WH ME173X-A1-PK ME173X-1F018A ME173X-1F025A ME173X-1F035A ME173X-1G009A ME173-WH16 ME173-PK16 ME173-BL16 Package Includes:

1 x LED Display For ASUS MeMO Pad HD7

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