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New ASUS K72JK K72JL K72JM K72JO K72JQ K72JR keyboard US black

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Brand New MP-07G73US-5283 ASUS K50 K51 K61 K62 K60 F52 F90 k70 K72 N50 N51 x51 X70 X5D P50 series keyboard US


Layout : US
Color: black
Condition:Brand New keyboard with ribbon cable
New high quality keyboard, 12 month warranty
100% manufacturer compatible
Equivalent Replacement Part

part number:

MP-07G73US-5283 V111462CS2 US OKNO-G31US11, 04GNX31KUS01-1 10224002566 OKNO-G31US1110224002566

Fit Model:

ASUS K50 Series Laptop
ASUS k50 k50ab-x2a k50ij k50in K50IJ-D2, K50IJ-F1B

ASUS K51 K51AC K51AE Series Laptop

ASUS K60 K60IC K60IJ K60IL K60IN Series Laptop

ASUS K61 K61IC K61LC K62 K62F K62JR series

ASUS k70 Series
ASUS K70 K70AB K70AC K70AD-TY059V K70AD-TY060L K70AE-TY037L K70AF-TY016L K70IC-TY006V K70IJ K70IJ-T4300 K70IJ-TY041L K70IJ-TY041X K70IJ-TY085V K70IJ-TY107L K70IJ-TY111X K70IO K70AD K70AE K70AF K70IC K70ID K70IO

ASUS K72 series laptop
ASUS K72 K72D K72DR K72DY K72F K72J K72JA K72JB K72JC K72JE K72JF K72JH K72JK K72JL K72JM K72JO K72JQ K72JR K72JT K72JU K72JV K72JW K72K K72L K72N K72P K72Q K72R K72S K72Y K72JK-TY001V K72JR K72dr-a1 K72F-A2B k72jr-xn1 K72DR-X1 K72F-A1 K72F-B1 K72F-X1 K72JK-A1 K72JK-X1 K72JR-TY108V K72F-TY005V K72F-TY279V K72F-TY318V K72F-TY130V

STRONG>ASUS F52 F52A F52Q F90 Series

ASUS P50 Series
ASUS P50I P50IJ-A1B P50IJ-S0014X P50IJ-SO036X P50IJ-SO066L P50IJ-SO119D P50IJ-SO119V P50IJ-SO127V P50IJ-X1 P50IJ-X2 P50IJ-X3

ASUS N50 Series
ASUS N50 N50VN N50VC N50VC-FP008C N50VN-FP004C N50Vn-X6 N50Vn-B1B

ASUS N51 Series
ASUS N51 N51Tp N51Vf N51Vn N51Vf-A1 N51Vn-X1 N51Vn-X1A

ASUS x51 Series
ASUS X51 X51H X51L X51R X51RL

Asus X70 Series
Asus X70 X70AB X70AC X70AD X70AF X70IC X70IJ X70IL X70IO X70Z

Asus X5D Series

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