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New Acer Aspire 4930 4930G JAL90 Cooling CPU Fan

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New SUNON MF60100V1-Q000-G99 Acer Aspire 4730 4730Z 4730ZG JAL90 4930 4930G JAL90 5530 5530G Laptop Cpu Cooling Fan

Tested to be 100% working properly.
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: brand new
Warranty: 180 day

Fit Model:

Acer Aspire 4730 4730Z 4730ZG JAL90 Series
Aspire 4730-4516 4730-4947 4730Z (Model JAL90) 4730-4042 (LX.AT90X.033) 4730-4155 (LX.AT90X.064) 4730-4374 (LX.AT90X.031) 4730-4437 (LX.ATU0X.007) 4730-4457 (LX.AT90X.024) 4730-4457 / 4730Z-342G32Mn (LX.AT90X.057) 4730-4516 (LX.ATU0X.006) 4730-4758 (LX.AT90X.020) 4730-4857 (LX.ATU0X.003) 4730-4901 (LX.AT90X.070) 4730-4947 (LX.AT90X.048) 4730-4972 (LX.AT90X.068) 4730Z-321G12Mi (LX.AT90C.007, LX.AT90Y.006) 4730Z-321G12Mn (LX.AT90C.006, LX.AT90Y.001, LX.AT90Y.002, LX.AT90Y.003, LX.AT90Y.004) 4730Z-321G16Mi (LX.AT90C.009, LX.AT90C.010, LX.AT90C.011, LX.AT90C.012, LX.AT90C.013, LX.AT90C.014, LX.AT90C.015, LX.AT90C.016, LX.AT90C.017) 4730Z-321G16Mn (LX.AT90C.005, LX.AT90C.008, LX.AT90Y.015) 4730Z-321G16n (LX.AT90C.003) 4730Z-322G12Mi (LX.AT90C.001, LX.AT90X.001, LX.AT90X.002, LX.AT90X.003, LX.AT90X.004, LX.AT90X.005, LX.AT90X.006, LX.AT90X.007, LX.AT90X.008, LX.AT90X.009, LX.AT90X.010, LX.AT90X.011, LX.AT90X.012, LX.AT90X.013, LX.AT90X.014, LX.AT90X.015, LX.AT90X.016, LX.AT90X.017) 4730Z-322G16Mn (LX.AT90C.018) 4730Z-322G25Mn (LX.AT90C.020, LX.AT90X.019) 4730Z-341G16Mn (LX.AT90C.004, LX.AT90Y.005) 4730Z-341G16n (LX.AT90C.002) 4730Z-341G25Mn (LX.AT90C.051, LX.AT90C.059) 4730Z-342G16Mi (LX.AT90C.019) 4730Z-343G32Mn (LX.AT90X.018) 4730Z-421G25Mn (LX.AZQ0C.002) 4730Z-4631 (LX.ATU0X.005) LX.AT90C.065, LX.AZQ0C.007 4730ZG-322G25Mn (LX.AW20C.001, LX.AW20Y.001, LX.AW20Y.002, LX.AW20Y.003) 4730ZG-341G25Mn (LX.AW20C.018) 4730ZG-342G32Mnd (LX.AW20Y.011) 4730ZG-421G25Mn (LX.AW20C.032, LX.P350C.004) 4736ZG-421G25Mn (LX.PA30C.002) 4736ZG-422G32Mn (LX.PA30C.014) 4736ZG-442G32Mn (LX.PA30C.018) LX.P350X.001

Acer Aspire 4930 4930G JAL90 Series
Aspire 4930-6862 4930G-732G32Mn 4930-581G25Mn (LX.AR10C.024) 4930-582G16Mn (LX.AXB0C.005) 4930-583G32 (LX.AR10X.116) 4930-592G12Mi (LX.AR10C.014) 4930-6469 (LX.AXB0C.022) 4930-6862 (LX.AXB0X.041) 4930-6983 (LX.AXB0C.021) 4930-732G16Mn (LX.AR10Y.006) 4930-734G25n (LX.AR10X.085) 4930-843G25Mn (LX.AR10X.037) 4930G-583G25Mi (LX.AXB0X.001) 4930G-583G25Bi (LX.AQL0X.328) 4930G-583G25Mi (LX.AX70X.029) 4930G-583G25n (LX.AX70X.019) 4930G-583G32 (LX.AQL0X.312) 4930G-583G32Mn (LX.AQL0C.016, LX.AQL0X.132, LX.AQL0X.144, LX.AQL0X.288, LX.AQL0X.313) 4930G-732G25Mi (LX.AR20X.018) 4930G-732G25Mn (LX.AQL0X.012, LX.AQL0X.107) 4930G-734G32Bn (LX.AQL0X.287) 4930G-842G32Mn (LX.AQL0X.098) 4930G-843G25Mn (LX.AQL0X.039) 4930G-843G25n (LX.AQL0X.016) 4930G-863G32Mn (LX.AQL0X.051) 4930G-944 (LX.AV80X.013)

Acer Aspire 5530 5530G Series

part number:

SUNON MF60100V1-Q000-G99 DC 5V 0.65A 1.2W 3 Fire

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