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New 17.3“ HP Pavilion dv7 dv7-6000 dv7t-6000 CTO LED LCD Screen

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New 17.3 inch diagonal HD LED-backlit A+ WXGA HD LAPTOP LED LCD Screen Panel Display For HP Pavilion dv7-6000

Size:  17.3-inch
Resolution: 1600 X 900
Resolution Type: WXGA++
Connector Type: 40 pin
Backlight Type: LED Backlight
Condition: Brand New! A++ Not pulled, not used! Tested fine befoe shipping!

Warranty: 1 year 

Compatible Part Number/ Panel Models :

LG Philips LP173WD1 , AU Optronics: B173RW01, Samsung LTN173KT01 LTN173KT02 ChiMei N173FGE-L12, N173FGE-L13, N173FGE-L21, N173FGE-L23, N173FGE-LA3, N173FGE-L11 N173O6-L01, N173O6-L02

Fit Laptop Models :

HP Pavilion dv7-6000 Series
dv7-6000el dv7-6000em dv7-6000er dv7-6001er dv7-6001sg dv7-6001xx dv7-6002sa dv7-6004tx dv7-6005sg dv7-6005tx dv7-6006sg dv7-6006tx dv7-6007sg dv7-6008sg dv7-6008tx dv7-6010so dv7-6011sg dv7-6011tx dv7-6020ss dv7-6025eo dv7-6027ez dv7-6030ew dv7-6040ew dv7-6050ec dv7-6050ez dv7-6051ea dv7-6051er dv7-6055ef dv7-6055sf dv7-6065sf dv7-6080ed dv7-6090eb dv7-6090es dv7-6090sf dv7t-6000 CTO

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