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New 14.5“ HP dv5-2155dx dv5-2230us dv5-2231nr LED LCD Screen

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New 14.5" LG LP145WH1 (TL)(B1) Samsung LTN145AT01-H01 WXGA HD LAPTOP LED LCD Screen Panel Display For HP Pavilion dv5-2000 Series

Size: 14.5"
Resolution: 1366*768
Resolution Type: WXGA
Connector Type: 40 pin Active Matrix TFT
Backlight Type: LED Backlight
Condition: Brand New! A++ Not pulled, not used! Tested fine befoe shipping!

Warranty: 1 year 

Compatible Part Number :

LG LP145WH1 (TL)(B1) Samsung LTN145AT01-H01

Fit Laptop Models :

HP Pavilion dv5-2000 Series
dv5-2003xx dv5-2008ca dv5-2028ca dv5-2032la dv5-2034la dv5-2035dx dv5-2035la dv5-2037la dv5-2038la dv5-2040br dv5-2040ca dv5-2043cl dv5-2043la dv5-2045dx dv5-2045la dv5-2046la dv5-2047ca dv5-2048la dv5-2050br dv5-2050ca dv5-2051xx dv5-2052xx dv5-2060br dv5-2070us dv5-2072nr dv5-2073nr dv5-2074dx dv5-2075nr dv5-2077cl dv5-2080br dv5t-2000CTO

HP Pavilion dv5-2100 Series
dv5-2112br dv5-2114br dv5-2115br dv5-2129wm dv5-2130la dv5-2130us dv5-2132dx dv5-2133la dv5-2134ca dv5-2134us dv5-2135dx dv5-2138ca dv5-2139la dv5-2144ca dv5-2146la dv5-2147la dv5-2148la dv5-2155dx dv5t-2100 CTO

HP Pavilion dv5-2200 Series
dv5-2230la dv5-2230us dv5-2231br dv5-2231la dv5-2231nr dv5-2232la dv5-2234br dv5-2234la dv5-2235la dv5-2238nr dv5-2239la dv5-2240la dv5-2241la dv5-2246la dv5-2247la dv5-2268ca dv5t-2200 CTO

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