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Netbook Batteries

we supply brand new & cheap UMPC, mini laptop batteris , acer asprie one 6 cell 9 cell batteries, asus eee pc mini laptop 8800mah, 12000mah batteies, msi wind 10 inch UMPC 6 & 9 cell batteries, lenovo ideapad s10 s9 10 inch 6 & 9 cell batteries, dell mini 9 910 8 cell batteris, samsung nc10 6 & 9 cell batteries, toshiba nb100 nb105 batteries, hp 2133 mini 1000 6 cell batteries...... What is a Netbook? With so many different types of laptops, you may be wondering what a netbook is? How do they differ from the ultrabooks, Chromebooks, and other laptops available today? Netbooks have three defining characteristics that you should be aware of: • Small size - The most common screen size is 10.1 inches, while some newer models may have 11.6-inch displays. Portability makes netbooks great for carrying everywhere without putting a strain on your back or shoulders. • Reduced power - Netbooks typically come with low-powered processors, integrated graphics, and 1GB or 2GB of RAM. The CPUs inside don't offer as much power compared to a full-sized laptop, but performance is good enough for basic tasks--working with documents, surfing the web, and watching videos. The reduced power consumption in netbooks also usually means longer battery life. • Low cost - Most netbooks cost between $200 and $500, with decent models available at the inexpensive end of the spectrum. Budget pricing sometimes means poor quality with laptops--this usually isn't the case with netbooks. Design Features of a Netbook What is a netbook's design like compared to full-sized laptops? You'll find some compromises due to the small form factor. •Keyboards on 10-inch netbook models tend to be a little smaller than standard laptops. If you need more room, 11.6-inch netbook models often have full-sized keyboards. •Netbooks typically have minimal ports due to limited space. Expect two USB ports, a memory card slot, VGA or HDMI ports to connect a monitor, and an Ethernet jack on many models. •Netbooks usually don't come with optical drives. How to Get Connected On A Netbook Wi-Fi is standard on netbooks, and many also offer a wired Ethernet connection. Some models include Bluetooth wireless connectivity. You may wonder what is different about a netbook you find in a wireless carrier store: mainly, the addition of mobile connectivity via a 3G or 4G network. These can connect your machine to the Internet even when there are no Wi-Fi hotspots are available. What is a netbook's cost when purchased through a carrier? These netbooks definitely cost more than non-carrier netbooks, either up front or (more likely) over the course of a two-year contract—because you're paying a service fee to make use of the carrier's wireless network. Netbook Operating Systems Netbooks usually run the same operating systems as standard laptops. Some netbooks still come with Windows 7 Starter Edition, while newer models run Windows 8 or Windows RT. Laptops that run Google's Chrome OS, called Chromebooks, do technically fit in the netbook category, although they don't run a traditional operating system. What Is a Netbook Good For? With relatively fewer ports, lower power, and smaller screens, who is a netbook good for? Netbooks make great first computers for kids. Their portability makes them a good choice for teens and college students as well—especially those on a tight budget. People who want a light device that does more than a tablet and includes a physical keyboard may also appreciate netbooks.