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MSI E32-0800220-F05 E32-0800230-F05 Cooling CPU Fan

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New MSI T&T 6010H05F PF1 Cooling CPU Fan for MSI CR500 CR600 EX620 EX623 EX629 EX630 EX630X GE600 VR630 MS1674 MS1683 MS-1674

Tested to be 100% working properly.
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: brand new
Warranty: 90 day

Info: DC5V 0.55A
Wire Length: (3 wire)3-pin connector

Fit models:

MSI CR500 CR600 series
MSI CR500-034XPL CR500-041XBY CR500-087NL CR500-093XSK CR500-0W4XEU CR500-202XSK
MSI CR500-203XHU CR500-204XBL CR500-205XBL CR500-243BE CR500-252XEU CR500-257XHU
MSI CR500-294AR CR500-297XEU CR500-418 CR500-438US CR500-441ZA CR500-455CA
MSI CR500-473XEU CR500-479US CR500-525XEU CR500-602XHU CR500-C9026FD CR500-P
MSI CR500-S CR500-S1 CR500-S3 CR500-T6643BW7P CR500-V CR500-438US CR500-479US
MSI CR600-001US CR600-017US CR600-013US CR600-234US

MSI EX620 EX623 EX629 EX630 EX630X series
MSI ex620-207uk ex620-16in
MSI Ex623-t3400 Ex623-t3435vhp Ex623-066 Ex623-070nl Ex623-094us
MSI EX630-003PL EX630-011NL EX630-021CZ EX630-034US EX630-037CA EX630-040CA
MSI EX630-Q6043VHP EX630-Z8043BR EX630X-002EU EX630X-002U EX630X-003CZ
MSI EX630X-004IT EX630X-014 EX630X-014EU EX630X-015CZ EX630X-016SK EX630X-017BG
MSI EX630X-018 EX630X-018HU EX630X-026PL EX630X-028EU EX630X-033BE EX630X-038PL
MSI EX630X-041BY

MSI GE600 VR630 series
MSI GE600-i5447W7P GE600-002 GE600-002US VR630-246US

MSI MS1674 MS1683 MS-1674 series

part number:

FRU 6010H05F PF1

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