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Intel 5300 Half Size Wifi Link Card Dell Latitude 110L 120L 131L

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Brand new 0KW374 KW374 intel wifi 5300 agn pci-e wireless N card 802.11n Half Size Wlan Card For DELL


Intel WiFi Link 5300 450M 802.11a/b/g/draft n 3x3 MIMO Mini PCI-E Wireless Card

The Intel WiFi Link 5300 is a family of IEEE 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N wireless network adapters that operate in both the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz spectra. These adapters, available in PCIe* Mini Card form factor deliver up to 450 Mbps of bandwidth via features such as MIMO technology, 40 MHz Channel support, and Packet Aggregation.

Brand: Intel
Model: 533AN_MMW-Intel WiFi Link 5300 Technology B
rand new Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link MC 3 x 3 MIMO 5300AGN mini-pci EXPRESS cardSupport IEEE WLAN Standard IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n draft N.
The card Intel Wifi Link 5300 can update the transfering rate of laptops with intel 940/943/945/960/965/975 chipset to 450Mbps.
It can work with the laptops with Intel GM45/GM47/PM45 chipset.

Condition: brand new Warranty: 2 yeare warranty

Not for IBM and HP.

For models:

Dell Latitude 10 (ST2)
Dell Latitude 10 (ST2e)
Dell Latitude 6430u
Dell Latitude 110L 120L 131L
Dell Latitude 2100 2110 2120
Dell Latitude D410 D420 D430 D500 D505
Dell Latitude D510 D520 D530 D531
Dell Latitude D600 D610 D620
Dell Latitude D630 D630 XFR D631
Dell Latitude D800 D810 D820 D830
Dell Latitude E4200 E4300 E4310
Dell Latitude E5400 E5410 E5420 E5430
Dell Latitude E5500 E5510 E5520 E5530
Dell Latitude E6220 E6230 E6320 E6330
Dell Latitude E6400 ATG,E6400 XFR,E6400/6400 ATG
Dell Latitude E6410,,E6410 ATG, E6420,E6420 ATG, E6420 XFR
Dell Latitude E6430, E6430 ATG, E6430s
Dell Latitude E6500, E6510, E6520, E6530
Dell Latitude L13 ST XT XT2 ,XT2 XFR,XT3,Z

Package include
1 x intel 5300 wireless card

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