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HP TouchSmart TX2 504466-001 Amd Motherboard

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HP TouchSmart TX2 504466-001 AMD S1 DDR2 SATA Laptop Motherboard

  • Manufacturer: HP
  • HP Part Number: 504466-001

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CPU Socket:
Chipset: M780G
Memory: 2 x DDR2
Video: Integrated video
Hard drive Interface: SATA
1 x VGA external monitor port
1 x RJ-45 LAN port
1 x RJ-11 Modem port
3 x USB ports
1 x Expansion port
1 x Keyboard / Mouse port

Compatible with:

HP TouchSmart tx2-1000 series
tx2-1001au tx2-1002au tx2-1003au tx2-1004au tx2-1005au tx2-1006au tx2-1007au
tx2-1008au tx2-1009au tx2-1010au tx2-1010ea tx2-1010et tx2-1011au tx2-1012au
tx2-1012nr tx2-1013au tx2-1014au tx2-1015au tx2-1015ea tx2-1016au tx2-1017au
tx2-1018au tx2-1019au tx2-1020au tx2-1020ca tx2-1020ea tx2-1020us tx2-1021au
tx2-1022au tx2-1024ca tx2-1025dx tx2-1027ca tx2-1030cm tx2-1031cm tx2-1032cm
tx2-1035ee tx2-1035ei tx2-1040br tx2-1050ed tx2-1050ef tx2-1050ej tx2-1050el
tx2-1050eo tx2-1050ep tx2-1050es tx2-1050ew tx2-1051xx tx2-1055ee tx2-1070br
tx2-1075ee tx2-1080la tx2-1099eg tx2z-1000 CTO

HP TouchSmart tx2-1100 Notebook series
tx2-1101au tx2-1101et tx2-1102au tx2-1103au tx2-1104au tx2-1105au tx2-1105ee
tx2-1105ei tx2-1106au tx2-1107au tx2-1108au tx2-1109au tx2-1110au tx2-1111au
tx2-1112au tx2-1113au tx2-1114au tx2-1115au tx2-1115ee tx2-1116au tx2-1117au
tx2-1118au tx2-1119au tx2-1120au tx2-1121au tx2-1122au tx2-1123au tx2-1124au
tx2-1125ee tx2-1150ed tx2-1150ef tx2-1150eg tx2-1150ep tx2-1150es tx2-1160ea
tx2-1160eo tx2-1165ea

HP TouchSmart tx2-1200 Notebook series
tx2-1200eg tx2-1200eo tx2-1201au tx2-1202au tx2-1204au tx2-1205au tx2-1206au
tx2-1207au tx2-1208au tx2-1209au tx2-1210au tx2-1210er tx2-1211au tx2-1212au
tx2-1216au tx2-1219au tx2-1224ca tx2-1230es tx2-1244ca tx2-1250ea tx2-1250ed
tx2-1250ee tx2-1250ef tx2-1250es tx2-1250et tx2-1270us tx2-1274nr tx2-1275dx tx2-1277nr

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