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HP Pavilion G7 G7-1000 1100 1200 Motherboard AMD integrated

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buy HP Pavilion G4 G4-1000 G4-1100 G4-1200 G7 G7-1000 G7-1100 G7-1200 Series AMD integrated Motherboard 638856-001 DA0R22MB6D0

Type: Laptop motherboard
Condition: USED Tested and Guaranteed to Work Perfectly
Warranty: 30 days

Part Numbers:

hp 638856-001 DA0R22MB6D0

Fit Laptop Models:

HP Pavilion G4 G4-1000 seires
g4-1001tu g4-1001tx g4-1002tu g4-1002tx g4-1003tu g4-1003tx g4-1004tu g4-1004tx g4-1006tu g4-1006tx g4-1007tx g4-1008tu g4-1008tx g4-1009tu g4-1009tx g4-1010tu g4-1010tx g4-1010us g4-1011nr g4-1012tx g4-1014tu g4-1014tx g4-1015dx g4-1015tu g4-1015tx g4-1016dx g4-1016tu g4-1016tx g4-1017tu g4-1017tx g4-1018tu g4-1019tu g4-1019tx g4-1020tu g4-1020tx g4-1020us g4-1021ca g4-1021tu g4-1021tx g4-1022ca g4-1022tu g4-1022tx g4-1023tu g4-1023tx g4-1024tx g4-1025tu g4-1025tx g4-1026tu g4-1026tx g4-1027tu g4-1027tx g4-1028tu g4-1028tx g4-1029tx g4-1030tu g4-1030tx g4-1031tu g4-1032tu g4-1032tx g4-1033tu g4-1033tx g4-1034tu g4-1034tx g4-1035tu g4-1035tx g4-1036tu g4-1037tu g4-1038tu g4-1038tx g4-1039tu g4-1039tx g4-1040tu g4-1040tx g4-1041tx g4-1042tx g4-1043tx g4-1046tu g4-1047tu g4-1048tu g4-1048tx g4-1049tu g4-1050tu g4-1051tu g4-1051xx g4-1052tu g4-1052tx g4-1053tu g4-1053tx g4-1054tu g4-1055tu g4-1056tu g4-1056tx g4-1057tu g4-1058tx g4-1059tx g4-1060la g4-1060tx g4-1062la g4-1063la g4-1064la g4-1065la g4-1066la g4-1069la g4-1071la g4-1072la g4-1075la g4-1085la g4-1087la g4t-1000 CTO

HP Pavilion G4 G4-1100 seires
g4-1100au g4-1100ax g4-1101au g4-1101ax g4-1102au g4-1102ax g4-1103ax g4-1103tx g4-1104ax g4-1104dx g4-1104tx g4-1105tu g4-1105tx g4-1106tu g4-1106tx g4-1107nr g4-1107tu g4-1108tu g4-1109tu g4-1110br g4-1110tu g4-1110tx g4-1111br g4-1111tu g4-1111tx g4-1112br g4-1112tu g4-1112tx g4-1113tx g4-1114br g4-1114tu g4-1114tx g4-1115br g4-1115tu g4-1115tx g4-1116br g4-1116tu g4-1116tx g4-1117br g4-1117dx g4-1117nr g4-1117tu g4-1117tx g4-1118br g4-1118nr g4-1118tx g4-1119tx g4-1120br g4-1120tu g4-1120tx g4-1121tu g4-1121tx g4-1122tu g4-1122tx g4-1123tu g4-1124tu g4-1125dx g4-1125tu g4-1125tx g4-1126tu g4-1126tx g4-1127tu g4-1127tx g4-1128tu g4-1128tx g4-1129tu g4-1129tx g4-1130br g4-1130tx g4-1131tx g4-1135br g4-1135dx g4-1137ca g4-1140br g4-1150br g4-1160br g4-1160la g4-1164ca g4-1165br g4-1165la g4-1166la g4-1167ca g4-1170br g4-1171la g4-1172la g4-1174la g4-1175la g4-1176la g4-1179la g4-1190la g4-1191la g4t-1100 CTO

HP Pavilion G4 G4-1200 seires
g4-1200ax g4-1200tu g4-1200tx g4-1201tu g4-1201tx g4-1202au g4-1202ax g4-1202tu g4-1202tx g4-1203tu g4-1203tx g4-1204ax g4-1204nr g4-1204tu g4-1204tx g4-1205ax g4-1205tu g4-1205tx g4-1206ax g4-1206tu g4-1207ax g4-1207nr g4-1207tu g4-1207tx g4-1208tu g4-1208tx g4-1209ax g4-1209tu g4-1209tx g4-1210ax g4-1210ee g4-1210se g4-1210tu g4-1210tx g4-1211ax g4-1212tu g4-1212tx g4-1213nr g4-1213tu g4-1213tx g4-1214tu g4-1214tx g4-1215dx g4-1215tx g4-1216ee g4-1216se g4-1216tu g4-1216tx g4-1217tu g4-1217tx g4-1218tx g4-1219tx g4-1220ee g4-1220se g4-1220tu g4-1220tx g4-1221tu g4-1221tx g4-1224tx g4-1225tx g4-1226ee g4-1226nr g4-1226se g4-1226tx g4-1229dx g4-1231tx g4-1232tx g4-1233tx g4-1234tx g4-1235tx g4-1236tx g4-1238tx g4-1239tx g4-1240tx g4-1241tx g4-1242tx g4-1250la g4-1260la g4-1264ca g4-1270la g4-1271la g4-1280la g4-1281la g4-1282la g4-1283la g4-1284la g4-1285la g4-1287la g4t-1200 CTO

HP Pavilion G7 G7-1000 seires
g7-1000eg g7-1000em g7-1000eo g7-1000eq g7-1000er g7-1000ex g7-1000sa g7-1000sg g7-1000sm g7-1000so g7-1000sq g7-1000sr g7-1000st g7-1001eg g7-1001eo g7-1001er g7-1001sg g7-1001sm g7-1001xx g7-1002eo g7-1002sa g7-1002sg g7-1003em g7-1003eo g7-1003ez g7-1004em g7-1004sa g7-1005ed g7-1005em g7-1005sd g7-1005sm g7-1005sw g7-1006eg g7-1006sg g7-1007em g7-1007sg g7-1008eg g7-1008em g7-1008eo g7-1009eo g7-1010eb g7-1010ed g7-1010eo g7-1010ev g7-1010sb g7-1010sd g7-1010ss g7-1010sv g7-1010sw g7-1011eo g7-1012eo g7-1015eb g7-1015eg g7-1015ev g7-1015sv g7-1017cl g7-1017sg g7-1018ez g7-1019eg g7-1019wm g7-1020eb g7-1020eo g7-1020es g7-1020sw g7-1021eo g7-1022eg g7-1023eg g7-1024eg g7-1025eg g7-1026sg g7-1026sr g7-1030eb g7-1030sf g7-1031eo g7-1032eo g7-1032sf g7-1033cl g7-1033eg g7-1033sg g7-1040ef g7-1040es g7-1040sb g7-1040sf g7-1040ss g7-1042sf g7-1043sf g7-1045ef g7-1045sf g7-1046sf g7-1047sf g7-1050ec g7-1050ed g7-1050ek g7-1050sa g7-1050sf g7-1050ss g7-1051ef g7-1051sf g7-1051xx g7-1052er g7-1053ef g7-1053er g7-1053sf g7-1054er g7-1054sa g7-1057sf g7-1060eb g7-1060ss g7-1062ss g7-1065ed g7-1065ep g7-1070sb g7-1070ss g7-1070us g7-1071sb g7-1073nr g7-1075dx g7-1075eb g7-1075nr g7-1076nr g7-1077ei g7-1077nr g7-1077si g7-1077sr g7-1078sr g7-1080eb g7-1080ed g7-1080er g7-1080sb g7-1080sd g7-1080sr g7-1081nr g7-1083nr g7-1084nr g7-1085nr g7-1086eg g7-1086nr g7-1090sg g7-1091ed g7t-1000 CTO

HP Pavilion G7 G7-1100 seires
g7-1100ec g7-1100ei g7-1100ev g7-1100sg g7-1100si g7-1100st g7-1100sv g7-1101er g7-1101sa g7-1101sg g7-1101so g7-1101sz g7-1101xx g7-1102er g7-1102sg g7-1102so g7-1103so g7-1104eg g7-1104ez g7-1104sg g7-1104so g7-1105eb g7-1105ez g7-1105sb g7-1105sg g7-1105ss g7-1105sz g7-1106ez g7-1106ss g7-1107ee g7-1107es g7-1107se g7-1107ss g7-1107sz g7-1109eg g7-1110eg g7-1110em g7-1110ev g7-1110sb g7-1110sg g7-1110sm g7-1110so g7-1110sv g7-1110sw g7-1112sz g7-1113cl g7-1113eo g7-1114sg g7-1115ed g7-1115sd g7-1115sg g7-1115so g7-1116sg g7-1117cl g7-1117so g7-1118so g7-1119so g7-1120eo g7-1120es g7-1120sd g7-1120ss g7-1120sw g7-1121eo g7-1130em g7-1130ew g7-1130sb g7-1130sd g7-1131ef g7-1131sf -1132sf g7-1135sb g7-1135sd g7-1135sf g7-1135ss g7-1136sf g7-1139wm g7-1140sd g7-1140sf g7-1141sf g7-1143ef g7-1143sf g7-1145ef g7-1145sb g7-1149wm g7-1150em g7-1150sa g7-1150sb g7-1150sd g7-1150sm g7-1150us g7-1151eb g7-1151er g7-1151sa g7-1151sb g7-1151sf g7-1152er g7-1152sf g7-1153er g7-1153nr g7-1154nr g7-1155sf g7-1156nr g7-1158nr g7-1160em g7-1160sb g7-1160sd g7-1160sm g7-1167dx g7-1170eb g7-1170em g7-1170sb g7-1170sm g7-1173ca g7-1173dx g7-1174ca g7-1175ca g7-1175sb g7-1178ca g7-1179er g7-1180eb g7-1180eg g7-1190eb g7-1190sb g7t-1100 CTO

HP Pavilion G7 G7-1200 seires
g7-1200em g7-1200er g7-1200sb g7-1200sm g7-1201em g7-1201er g7-1201sb g7-1201sg g7-1201sm g7-1202em g7-1202er g7-1202sm g7-1203eo g7-1203ez g7-1203ss g7-1204eo g7-1204sa g7-1204ss g7-1205eb g7-1205ev g7-1205sb g7-1205sd g7-1205so g7-1205sv g7-1205sw g7-1206ss g7-1207ee g7-1207se g7-1208sz g7-1210ec g7-1210eo g7-1210sb g7-1210sd g7-1210so g7-1210st g7-1211sg g7-1211so g7-1212eo g7-1213so g7-1214ss g7-1215sd g7-1215sz g7-1216eo g7-1216ev g7-1216sv g7-1218so g7-1219sg g7-1219so g7-1219sz g7-1219wm g7-1220eb g7-1220em g7-1220sb g7-1220sd g7-1220sm g7-1220so g7-1220sw g7-1221so g7-1222em g7-1222nr g7-1222sm g7-1223em g7-1223eo g7-1223sm g7-1225sb g7-1226em g7-1226er g7-1226sm g7-1226sr g7-1227nr g7-1228sg g7-1229sg g7-1230eb g7-1230ew g7-1230sb g7-1232sg g7-1233sg g7-1235ef g7-1235eg g7-1235sf g7-1236sf g7-1237dx g7-1239sg g7-1240eb g7-1240ef g7-1240sf g7-1240sg g7-1242sf g7-1243sf g7-1244eg g7-1244sf g7-1245sd g7-1246sf g7-1247sf g7-1248sf g7-1249sf g7-1250ea g7-1250er g7-1250sa g7-1250sb g7-1250sg g7-1251er g7-1251si g7-1252er g7-1253er g7-1254sr g7-1255dx g7-1255ea g7-1255ef g7-1255er g7-1255sa g7-1255sb g7-1255sf g7-1255sr g7-1255ss g7-1256ef g7-1256sa g7-1257dx g7-1258ss g7-1260ca g7-1260sb g7-1260sz g7-1260us g7-1263ca g7-1263nr g7-1264nr g7-1265nr g7-1269nr g7-1270ca g7-1270sb g7-1270sd g7-1272nr g7-1273nr g7-1275er g7-1275sr g7-1277dx g7-1280eb g7-1280eg g7-1280sb g7-1281nr g7-1282eg g7-1284eg g7-1292eg g7-1295sd g7t-1200 CTO

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