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HP ENVY 14-1105tx 14-1113tx keyboard US blacklit

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Brand New WS010600083.001 582971-001 HP ENVY 14-1000 Series keyboard US


Layout : US
Color: black
Condition:Brand New keyboard with ribbon cable
New high quality keyboard, 12 month warranty
100% manufacturer compatible
Equivalent Replacement Part

keyboard model:

HP WS010600083.001 582971-001

Fit Laptop model:

HP ENVY 14-1000 Notebook PC series
HP ENVY 14-1003tx 14-1004tx 14-1005tx 14-1006tx 14-1007tx 14-1008tx 14-1009tx 14-1010ef 14-1010eg 14-1010nr 14-1011nr 14-1011tx 14-1012tx 14-1014tx 14-1015tx 14-1016tx 14-1020ed 14-1030ed 14-1040ep 14-1050ca 14-1050ea 14-1050ep 14-1050es 14-1050et 14-1070ez 14-1080eo 14-1085eo 14-1087eo 14-1090ee 14-1090eo 14-1095LA 14-1095la 14-1099br 14-1099ee 14-1100el 14-1100er 14-1100et 14-1101eg 14-1101tx 14-1102tx 14-1103tx 14-1104tx 14-1105tx 14-1106tx 14-1108tx 14-1110ew 14-1110ew 14-1110nr 14-1110tx 14-1111ee 14-1111ef 14-1111nr 14-1113tx 14-1114ef 14-1116tx 14-1120er 14-1120er 14-1150ca 14-1150ed 14-1150ep 14-1150es 14-1155ca 14-1160se 14-1163se 14-1180es 14-1188ee 14-1190ea 14-1190eo 14-1193eo 14-1195ea 14-1195eo 14-1195la 14-1199ee

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