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HP EliteBook Folio 9470m Radio Modem EV-DO/HSPA Mini Card UN2430

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Unlocked Qualcomm Gobi 3000 MC8355 QC430AA HP un2430 EV-DO/HSDPA Mobile Broadband Module Radio Modem Mini Card

Category: hp Laptop WWN Card
Manufacturer: HP
Condition: Used, Tested and Guaranteed to Work Perfectly
warranty: 12 months

Hp part number:un2430 QC430AA 634400-001 633171-001 MC8355

Compatible with:

HP EliteBook Folio 9470m

Technology/Operating Bands:
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850MHz(Cell), 900MHz(EGSM), 1800MHz(DCS), 1900MHz (PCS)
UMTS/WCDMA with receive diversity: 2100MHz (UTRA FDD Band I), 1900MHz (UTRA FDD Band II), 900MHz (UTRA FDD Band VIII), 850MHz (UTRA FDD Band V)
1xEVDO/1xRTT with receive diversity: 850MHz (Band Class0-Cell), 1900MHz (Band Class1-PCS)

Wireless Protocol Standards:
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Class B, Multi-slot operation, coding schemes CS1 - CS4 and MSC1 - MSC9
UMTS/WCDMA: Release 99 and Release 6
CDMA: 1xEVDO Release 0 and Release A, IS-95A, IS-95B, IS-2000

Wireless Parametric Standards:
Meets or exceeds TIA/EIA IS-98-D

Maximum Data Rates:
UMTS (HSPA) - 14.4 Mbps (Download ), 5.76 Mbps (Upload)
CDMA (EVDO Release A) - 3.1 Mbps (Download), 1.8 Mbps (Upload)

Standalone GPS enabled

GPS Bands :
L1 - 1575.42 MHz

Maximum Power Consumption:
2500mA (peak); 1000mA (average)

Power Consumption, Sleep Mode:
5 mA

Power Management:
USB selective suspend; Integrated notebook wireless button

Antenna Type:
Dual high efficiency 5 band antennae with spatial diversity, mounted in the display enclosure

Form Factor:
PCI-Express MiniCard, USB 2.0 interface

11.5 g

Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness):
2.01 x 1.18 x 0.18 in (51 x 30 x 5 mm)

Voltage, Operating:
3.3v +/- 10%

Temperature, Operating (from TIA/EIA/IS-98-D):
-22 to 140 F (-30 to 60 C) (full RF performance)
-22 to 167 F (-30 to 75 C) (reduced RF performance)

Temperature, Non-operating, 96 hours (from MIL-STD 202 Method 108):
-40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)

Humidity, Non-operating:
85% relative humidity for 48 hours @ 185 F (85 C) (non-condensing)

Configuration Utilities:
HP Connection Manager

LED Activity:
LED Off - Radio Off; Solid LED On - Radio On

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