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HP dm4-3000 dm4-2000 dm4-1000 Motherboard Intel 608204-001

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buy 608204-001 HP dm4-3000 dm4-2000 dm4-1000 Series Intel PGA989 I5 I7 DDR3 Motherboard

Type: Laptop motherboard
Condition: 99% New Tested and Guaranteed to Work Perfectly
Warranty: 30 days

Part Number:

HP 608204-001

Fit Laptop Models:

hp dm4-3000 sereis
dm4-3000tu dm4-3000tx dm4-3001tx dm4-3003tx dm4-3005tx dm4-3007tx dm4-3008tx dm4-3010tx dm4-3013cl dm4-3013tx dm4-3025tx dm4-3028tx dm4-3050us dm4-3055dx dm4-3070ca dm4-3080la dm4-3099la dm4t-3000 CTO

HP dm4-2000 dm4-2100 sereis
dm4-2000ea dm4-2000ed dm4-2000eo dm4-2000ep dm4-2000er dm4-2000ex dm4-2000sg dm4-2000st dm4-2000sx dm4-2001ep dm4-2001er dm4-2010en dm4-2010ew dm4-2010so dm4-2015dx dm4-2020en dm4-2020sn dm4-2030es dm4-2030ss dm4-2033cl dm4-2035br dm4-2040ee dm4-2040ez dm4-2050et dm4-2050st dm4-2050us dm4-2053ca dm4-2055br dm4-2055ca dm4-2058ca dm4-2060ef dm4-2060sf dm4-2065br dm4-2070us dm4-2074nr dm4-2075br dm4-2090la dm4-2095br dm4-2095la dm4t-2000 CTO dm4-2010es dm4-2100eb dm4-2100ed dm4-2100ee dm4-2100en dm4-2100er dm4-2100es dm4-2100ex dm4-2100se dm4-2100sl dm4-2100ss dm4-2100st dm4-2100sx dm4-2101ea dm4-2101eo dm4-2101er dm4-2101sa dm4-2102eo dm4-2102er dm4-2110en dm4-2110ew dm4-2110sb dm4-2110sn dm4-2110sp dm4-2120ss dm4-2135br dm4-2138eg dm4-2140ez dm4-2150sf dm4-2153ca dm4-2155br dm4-2160ef dm4-2160sf dm4-2165dx dm4-2170en dm4-2170eo dm4-2175br dm4-2180ca dm4-2180la dm4-2180us dm4-2184nr dm4-2185br dm4-2185ca dm4t-2100 CTO

HP dm4-1000 dm4-1100 dm4-1200 sereis
dm4-1001tu dm4-1001tx dm4-1002tu dm4-1002tx dm4-1003xx dm4-1004tu dm4-1004tx dm4t-1000 CTO dm4-1004xx dm4-1006tu dm4-1006tx dm4-1008tu dm4-1008tx dm4-1009tu dm4-1009tx dm4-1010eg dm4-1010tu dm4-1010tx dm4-1012tx dm4-1013tx dm4-1014tx dm4-1016tx dm4-1017tx dm4-1018tx dm4-1019tx dm4-1020tx dm4-1021tx dm4-1022tx dm4-1023tx dm4-1024tx dm4-1027tx dm4-1028tx dm4-1029tx dm4-1030ez dm4-1030tx dm4-1031tx dm4-1032tx dm4-1033tx dm4-1034tx dm4-1035tx dm4-1040tx dm4-1041tx dm4-1042tx dm4-1043tx dm4-1046tx dm4-1047tx dm4-1048tx dm4-1050ca dm4-1050ea dm4-1050et dm4-1050so dm4-1050ss dm4-1055br dm4-1060ea dm4-1060ee dm4-1060sf dm4-1060ss dm4-1060us dm4-1062nr dm4-1063cl dm4-1063he dm4-1065dx dm4-1070ee dm4-1070ef dm4-1070sf dm4-1075br dm4-1080ea dm4-1080ee dm4-1080sf dm4-1090ee dm4-1090la dm4-1095br dm4t dm4-1121tx dm4-1122tx dm4-1123tx dm4-1124tx dm4-1125tx dm4-1140ez dm4-1140sa dm4-1150ca dm4-1150ea dm4-1150ed dm4-1150ee dm4-1150es dm4-1150ss dm4-1155ee dm4-1155ss dm4-1160eo dm4-1160us dm4-1162ef dm4-1162sf dm4-1162us dm4-1164nr dm4-1165dx dm4-1165eo dm4-1170sf dm4-1173cl dm4-1177ee dm4-1180ef dm4-1180et dm4-1180la dm4-1180sf dm4-1190la dm4t-1100 CTO dm4-1201tx dm4-1201us dm4-1202tu dm4-1202tx dm4-1203tu dm4-1204tu dm4-1205tx dm4-1207tx dm4-1209tx dm4-1210tx dm4-1211tx dm4-1212tx dm4-1213tx dm4-1217tx dm4-1218tx dm4-1219tx dm4-1220tx dm4-1221tx dm4-1222tx dm4-1250ca dm4-1253cl dm4-1265dx dm4-1273ca dm4-1275br dm4-1275ca dm4-1277sb dm4-1280la dm4-1290la dm4t-1200CTO

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