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Gateway NV53 NV53A motherboard MBWGH01001

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Genuine Gateway NV53 NV53A motherboard, systemboard MB.WGH01.001

Conditon: Brand New , 60 day warranty!!

Part Number:

Gateway MB.WGH01.001, MBWGH01001, 55.4FM01.021, 554FM01021 Acer SJV50TR

Fit Laptops:

Gateway MS2285 Series
Gateway NV53 NV5300 Series

Gateway NV5300, NV-5300, NV53u NV5302, NV5302u, NV-5302, NV-5302u NV5321, NV5321h, NV-5321, NV-5321h NV5331, NV5331u, NV-5331, NV-5331u NV5332,NV5332u, NV-5332, NV-5332u, NV5333, NV5333u, NV-5333, NV-5333u NV5334, NV5334u, NV-5334, NV-5334u NV5336, NV5336u, NV-5336, NV-5336u NV5337, NV5337u, NV-5337, NV-5337u NV5356, NV5356u, NV-5356, NV-5356u NV5362, NV5362u, NV-5362, NV-5362u NV5369, NV5369Zu, NV-5369, NV-5369Zu NV5370, NV5370u, NV5370h, NV-5370, NV-5370u, NV-5370h NV5373, NV5373u, NV-5373, NV-5373u NV5376, NV5376u, NV-5376, NV-5376u NV5378, NV5378u, NV-5378, NV-5378u NV5380, NV5380u, NV-5380, NV-5380u NV5381, NV5381u, NV-5381, NV-5381u NV5383, NV5383u, NV-5383, NV-5383u NV5384, NV5384u, NV-5384, NV-5384u NV5385, NV5385u, NV-5385, NV-5385u NV5386, NV5386u, NV-5386, NV-5386u NV5387, NV5387u, NV-5387, NV-5387u NV5388, NV5388u, NV-5388, NV-5388u NV5389, NV5389u, NV-5389, NV-5389u NV5390, NV5390u, NV-5390, NV-5390u NV5392, NV5392u, NV-5392, NV-5392u NV5393, NV5393u, NV-5393, NV-5393u NV5394, NV5394u, NV-5394, NV-5394u

Gateway NV53A Series
Gateway NV53A05, NV53A05u, NV-53A05, NV-53A05u NV53A11, NV53A11u, NV-53A11, NV-53A11u NV53A24, NV53A24u, NV-53A24, NV-53A24u NV53A32, NV53A32u, NV-53A32, NV-53A32u NV53A33, NV53A33u, NV-53A33, NV-53A33u NV53A34, NV53A34u, NV-53A34, NV-53A34u NV53A36, NV53A36u, NV-53A36, NV-53A36u NV53A38, NV53A38u, NV-53A38, NV-53A38u NV53A52, NV53A52u, NV-53A52, NV-53A52u

Check Compatibility. Match P/N.

IMPORTANT TECH NOTE: there may be several different (and non-interchangeable) motherboards available for this notebook series, so prior to placing your order, locate your motherboard part number and then order that exact number.  P/N is usually located on or near the memory slot.

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