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Gateway NV52 NV53 NV53A NV54 NV56 NV58 NV59 Power Button Board

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New Genuine Gateway NV52 NV53 NV53A NV54 NV56 NV58 NV59 Power Button Board 55.WBM01.003

Conditon: Brand New , 60 day warranty!!

Part Number:

Gateway 48.4BU03.011, 55.WC301.003, 55.WBM01.003, 55.WGH01.002, 55.WHZ01.002

Fit Laptops:

Gateway NV52 series
Gateway NV5207U, NV5211U, NV5212U, NV5213U, NV5214U, NV5215U, NV5216U

Gateway NV53 NV5300 Series
Gateway NV5300, NV-5300, NV53u NV5302, NV5302u, NV-5302, NV-5302u NV5321, NV5321h, NV-5321, NV-5321h NV5331, NV5331u, NV-5331, NV-5331u NV5332,NV5332u, NV-5332, NV-5332u, NV5333, NV5333u, NV-5333, NV-5333u NV5334, NV5334u, NV-5334, NV-5334u NV5336, NV5336u, NV-5336, NV-5336u NV5337, NV5337u, NV-5337, NV-5337u NV5356, NV5356u, NV-5356, NV-5356u NV5362, NV5362u, NV-5362, NV-5362u NV5369, NV5369Zu, NV-5369, NV-5369Zu NV5370, NV5370u, NV5370h, NV-5370, NV-5370u, NV-5370h NV5373, NV5373u, NV-5373, NV-5373u NV5376, NV5376u, NV-5376, NV-5376u NV5378, NV5378u, NV-5378, NV-5378u NV5380, NV5380u, NV-5380, NV-5380u NV5381, NV5381u, NV-5381, NV-5381u NV5383, NV5383u, NV-5383, NV-5383u NV5384, NV5384u, NV-5384, NV-5384u NV5385, NV5385u, NV-5385, NV-5385u NV5386, NV5386u, NV-5386, NV-5386u NV5387, NV5387u, NV-5387, NV-5387u NV5388, NV5388u, NV-5388, NV-5388u NV5389, NV5389u, NV-5389, NV-5389u NV5390, NV5390u, NV-5390, NV-5390u NV5392, NV5392u, NV-5392, NV-5392u NV5393, NV5393u, NV-5393, NV-5393u NV5394, NV5394u, NV-5394, NV-5394u

Gateway NV53A Series
Gateway NV53A05, NV53A05u, NV-53A05, NV-53A05u NV53A11, NV53A11u, NV-53A11, NV-53A11u NV53A24, NV53A24u, NV-53A24, NV-53A24u NV53A32, NV53A32u, NV-53A32, NV-53A32u NV53A33, NV53A33u, NV-53A33, NV-53A33u NV53A34, NV53A34u, NV-53A34, NV-53A34u NV53A36, NV53A36u, NV-53A36, NV-53A36u NV53A38, NV53A38u, NV-53A38, NV-53A38u NV53A52, NV53A52u, NV-53A52, NV-53A52u

Gateway NV54 Series
Gateway NV5418U, NV5423U, NV5425U, NV5435U, NV5453U, NV5462U, NV5465U, NV5468U, NV5469ZU, NV5470U, NV5471U, NV5473U, NV5474U, NV5478U

Gateway NV56 Series
Gateway NV5602U, NV5606U, NV5610U, NV5613U, NV5614U NV5615U

Gateway NV58 Series
Gateway NV5807U, NV5810U, NV5814U, NV5815U, NV5820U

Gateway NV59 series
Gateway NV5911U, NV5913U, NV5915U, NV5917U, NV5918U, NV5921U, NV5922U, NV5923U, NV5924U, NV5925U, NV5926U, NV5927U, NV5928U, NV5929U, NV5930U, NV5931U, NV5932U, NV5933U, NV5934U, NV5935U, NV5936U, NV5937U, NV5940U

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