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Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Amilo Xi1526 Xi1546 Xi1547 Xi1554battery

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8 cell P71-4S4400-S1S1 P71-4S4400-G1P3 BAT-P71 Battery for Fujitsu-Siemens UNIWILL laptop

Capacity: 4400 mAh/ 65wh
Voltage: 14.8V
Battery Type: Li-ion
Color: black
Weight: 434 g

Compatible Part Numbers:

23-GUJ001F-8A 23-GUJ001F-9A 23-GUJ002F-3A 23-GUJ001F-3A
4S4400-G1P3-01 4S4400-S1S1-01 4S4400-S1S5-01 4S4800-S1P1-01
63-UJ0024-0A, 63-UJ0024-0A CT1,
63GUJ0024-1A 63GUJ0024-7A 63GUJ0024-9A
63GX70028-0A 63GX70028-1A
805N00040 930C4560 930C4560F
930C4690F 930C4770F 930C4810F 930T4770F
P71-4S4400-S1S1 P71-4S4400-G1P3 BAT-P71 BATP71

Fit model as following:

Amilo M3437 M3437G M1439 M1439G
Amilo M3438 M3438G M4438 M4438G
Amilo Xi1526 Xi1546 Xi1547 Xi1554

Amilo M-3437,M-3437G, M-1439, M-1439G
Amilo M-3438 M-3438G M-4438 M-4438G
Amilo Xi-1526, Xi-1546 Xi-1547 Xi-1554

UNIWILL - P series
P71, P71EN, P71EN0, P71xx, P72, P72EN,
P72EN0, P72ENx, P72iA, P72iA0, P72iA9,
P72iAx, P72iN0, P72xx

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