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Dell 1900FP 1500FP 19" LCD monitors AC adapter charger

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New 42W Samsung AD-4214N, AD-4214L SyncMaster GH17P,BN44-00080A LCD monitors AC adapter for DELL Samsung SyncMaster Master LCD

Power: 42 Watts
Input: AC 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 1.5A
Output: DC 14V, 3A*4.4mm
Polarity: Positive

Connecter size: Magsafe

Color: White

Item Includes: LCD AC Adapter and Power Cord (USA,UK,EU,AU)

Battery Condition Brand New,
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

14v 3a samsung lcd adapter

Dell 1701FP / 1702FP / 1900FP / 1500FP series and 17" / 19" LCD

Samsung LTM1555,Samsung LTN1565 LCD 15" LCD monitors

Samsung LTM1555, Samsung LTN1565 15" LCD monitors

SyncMaster 150MP, 1501MP 152B, 152T, 570S TFT, 570V TFT 15" LCD monitors

SyncMaster 170T, 172B, 172S, 172T, 171P 17" LCD monitors

SyncMaster 180T 18" LCD monitors

SyncMaster 191T, 192T, 19" LCD monitors

Master 760V TFT, SyncMaster 770 TFT, 17" LCD monitors

Part number:

Delta Samsung AD-4214N, AD-4214L, GH17P,BN44-00080A, SCV420108 and BN44-00058A

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