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DC BRUSHLESS KDB0505HA-9E1R DC5V 0.40A Cooling CPU Fan

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New MCF-923BM05 Samsung X118 X120 X123 X125 X125 X130 X170 X180 X181 Series Cooling CPU Fan
Tested to be 100% working properly.
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: brand new
Warranty: 180 day

Fit Model:

Samsung X118 NP-X118 NT-X118 11.6 Series
X118-DA01 X118-DA02 X118-DA04 X118-DA07 X118-DA0J X120-FA01 NP-X118-DA01 NP-X118-DA04 NP-X118-DA07

Samsung X120 NP-X120 NT-X120 11.6 Series
X120-FA02 X120-FA03 X120-JA01 X120-JA01UK X120-JA01ZA X120-JA02 NP-X120-FA01 NP-X120-FA02 NP-X120-FA03 NP-X120-FA03UK NP-X120-JA01 NP-X120-JA01UK NP-X120-JA02 NP-X120-JA02UK NP-X120-JA03 NP-X120-PA01 NP-X120-PA01UK X120-JA03 X120-FA03UK X120 PA01UK X120-AA01DE

Samsung X123 NP-X123 NT-X123 11.6 Series
X123-DA02 NP-X123-DA02CNX123-DA01 NP-X123-DA01CN X123-DA01 X123-DA03 X123-DA01TH X123-DA01CN X123 NF210 NP-X123-DA01TH NP-X123-DA03CN NP-X123-DA02CNX123-DA01

Samsung X125 NP-X125 NT-X125 11.6 Series
X125-JA01 X125-JA01UK X125-JA02 X125-JA03 NP-X125-JA01 NP-X125-JA01UK NP-X125-JA02 NP-X125-JA02BE NP-X125-JA02NL NP-X125-JA01U NPX125JA01UK NP-X125-JA02BE NP-X125-JA03CN

Samsung X128 NP-X128 NT-X128 11.6 Series
X128-DA04 NP-X128-DA04CN X128 CMFSSD-128D1

Samsung X130 NP-X130 NT-X130 11.6 Series
NP-X130 NT-X130 X130-JA01 X130-JA02 NP-X130X-JA01 NP-X130-JA02 NP-130-LBG14P1 NP-X130-JA01CN NP-X130-JA01ZA 1

Samsung X170 NP-X170 NT-X170 11.6 Series
NT-X170-AA11B NT-X170-AA21S NT-X170-AA31B NT-X170-BABIB NT-X170-BABIP NT-X170-PA40SE NT-X170-PA52S NT-X170-PA53P NT-X170-PA53Y NT-X170-PAK5BB NT-X170-PINK NT-X170-PA53B NT-X170-PA54B NT-X170-JA42

Samsung X180 NP-X180 NT-X180 X181 NP-X181 NT-X181 11.6 Series

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