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ATI HD3650 DDR2 512MB MXM II Graphic Card for Aspire 8930G 9920G

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VG.86M06.003 ATI HD3650 DDR2 512MB MXM II Graphic Card for Acer Laptops HD

Condition: New , 3 month warranty
GPU Manufacturer: ATI
Memory: 512 MB
Interface: MXM II
GPU Model: HD3650

Fit Models:

Acer Aspire
Aspire 4520G 4710G 4720G 4730ZG 4920G 4930G
Aspire 5520G 5530G 5710G 5720G  5739G 5920G
Aspire 5930G 6530G 6920G 6930G  6935G 7520G
Aspire 8730G 8920G 8930G 9920G

Acer Extensa
Extensa 4630G 5420G 5610G 5620G 5630G 7620G

Acer TravelMate
TravelMate 4730G 5520G 5530G 5710G 5720G 5730G
TravelMate 6593G 7520G 7530G 7720G 7730G

part number : VG.86M06.003
MS-V122 M86M 512M
Dimension of the card: 73 x78 mm

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