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Asus N80Vn N80VN-GP024C N80Vn-X1 keyboard US black

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Brand New ASUS A8 W3, W3000 Z99 F8 F80 N80 N81 X80 X83 series keyboard US


Layout : US
Color: black
Condition:Brand New keyboard with ribbon cable
New high quality keyboard, 12 month warranty
100% manufacturer compatible
Equivalent Replacement Part

part number:

V020662BS1 04GNCB1KUS14, K02066211 0KN0-711US13, 04GNCB1KUS11-1, 9J.N8182.H01
04-NCB1KUSA0-1, 04GNCB1KUSA4, K020662I1, NSK-U1001, 9J.N8182.001, NSK-U100

Fit Model:

ASUS A8 Series Laptop
ASUS A8E, A8F, A8Fm, A8H, A8He, A8J, A8Ja, A8Jc, A8Je, A8Jm,A8Jn,
ASUS A8Jp, A8Jr, A8Js, A8Jv, A8M, A8Sc, A8T, A8Tc, A8Tm

ASUS W3, W3000 Z99 Z99HP Series Laptop
ASUS W3A, W3J, W3N, W3V, W3Z

ASUS F8 F80 Series Laptop

ASUS F8P F80 F80Cr F80L F80Q F80S F8P F8Sa F8Sn

ASUS N81 N81V N81 N81Vg N81Vp N81Vp-C1 series

ASUS N80 N80Vc N80Vb N80Vm N80Vn N80VN-GP024C N80Vn-X1 Series

ASUS X83 X83V X83Vb X83Vm X83VB-X2 X83VM-X1 Series

ASUS X80 X80H X80S X80L X80A X80N X80Le X80Z series laptop

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