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Asus N50VC-FP008C N50VN-FP004C N50Vn-X6 N50Vn Cooling Fan

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new Delta KDB05105HB KSB05105HA Asus N50 N50V N50VN N50VC N50J series laptop CPU cooling fan

Tested to be 100% working properly.
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 180 days

Fit Models:

Asus N50 N50V N50VN N50VC N50J N50VC-FP008C N50VN-FP004C N50Vn-X6 N50Vn-B1B Series

Part Numbers:

Delta DFS541305MHOT F8U5 KDB05105HB KSB05105HA

5V 0.5A

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