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Asus F3Jm F3Jp F3Jr F3Jv Cooling CPU Fan 4pin

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Brand New KFB0505HHA GC056015VH-A ASUS A3 A3E A3A A8 F3 G1 M51 Cooling CPU Fan

Tested to be 100% working properly.
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: brand new
Warranty: 90 day

Fit Model:

Asus A3 A3E A3A A8 Series

Asus F3 Series F3J F3Ja F3Jc F3Jm F3Jp F3Jr F3Jv

Asus G1 Series G1-A G1S-1A G1SN-A1

Asus M51 Series M51A M51Kr M51Se M51Sn M51Sr M51Ta M51Tr M51Va M51Vr

part number:

GC056015VH-A 4PINS KFB0505HHA KFB0505HHA 7B56, KFB0505HHA -W376

Info: DC5V 0.36A 4-pin connector

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