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Acer Extensa 4220 4620 4620Z MS2204 Cooling CPU Fan

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new GB0507PGV1-A,KSB06105HA Acer Extensa 4220 4620 4620Z MS2204 Cooling CPU Fan

Tested to be 100% working properly.
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: brand new
Warranty: 90 day

Fit Model:

Acer Extensa 4220 Series (Model MS2204)
4220-050508Ci (LX.E9306.002, LX.E930Y.037)
4220-051G08Mi (LX.E930X.001, LX.E930Z.001)
4220-051G12Mi (LX.E930C.005)
4220-100508Mi (LX.E930C.021, LX.E930Y.092)
4220-101G08Mi (LX.E930Y.116)
4220-1512Mi (LX.E930C.038)
4220-1A1G16Mi (LX.E930Y.163)
4220-200508Mi (LX.E930C.023, LX.E930Y.216)
4220-201G08Mi (LX.E930Y.138, LX.E930Y.273)
4220-2148 (LX.E930Z.002)
4220-2346 (LX.E9306.009)
4220-2555 (LX.E9306.005)

Acer Extensa 4620 / 4620Z Series (Model MS2204)
4620-1A1G12Mi (LX.E890C.003)
4620-3A0516Mn (LX.EA00C.015)
4620-3A1G16Mn (LX.E900Z.007)
4620-3A2G16Mn (LX.E900Z.009)
4620-4054 (LX.E9906.004)
4620-4260 (LX.EA00Z.007)
4620-4431 / 4620Z-4431 (LX.E9906.006)
4620-4605 / 4620Z-4605 (LX.EA00X.001)
4620-4648 (LX.EA00X.012)
4620-4691 (LX.E990Z.007)
4620-4908 (LX.E9906.008)
4620-5A0516Mn (LX.E900C.019)
4620-5A2G16Mi (LX.E9006.008, LX.E900Z.022)
4620-6194 / 4620-3A1G12Mi (LX.E8906.003)
4620-6342 (LX.E900Z.011)
4620-6402 (LX.E890Z.016)
4620-6456 (LX.E8906.004)
4620-6667 (LX.E900Z.024)
4620-6736 (LX.E900Z.019)
4620NWXMi (LX.E900C.010, LX.E900C.020)
4620Z-2A1G08Mi (LX.E9906.007, LX.E990X.001)
4620Z-3A1G16Mi (LX.EA00X.016)
4620Z-4512 (LX.E990C.013)
4620Z-4963 (LX.EAT0X.001)
4620ZNWXMi (LX.EA00C.020)

part number:


Info: DC5V 0.40A (3-wire) 3-pin connector


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