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Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T 4810TG 4810TZ Power Board DC Jack

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Brand new AcerAspire Timeline 4810T 4810TG 4810TZ 5810T 5810TG 5810TZ USB Power Board w/ dc jack DA0ZR1PB6F0 DA0ZR1PB6D1 DA0ZR1PB6E0 DA0ZR1PB6C3

Condition Brand New, tested & work
Warranty 30 days Long

Fit model:

Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T 4810TG 4810TZ series all
Aspire Timeline 4810-4439 4810T-352G32Mn 4810T-353G25Mn 4810T-8480 4810TG-R23 4810TG-R23F 4810TZ-4011

Acer Aspire Timeline 5810T 5810TG 5810TZ series all
Aspire Timeline 5810T-354G32M 5810T-8929 5810T-8952 5810T-944G32Mn 5810T-D34 5810T-D34F
Aspire Timeline 5810TG-D45 5810TG-D45F 5810TZ-4112 5810TZ-4238 5810TZ-4274 5810TZ-4657

Package Including:
1 x Power Board with DC Jack

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