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6cell MEDION Akoya E6234 E7219 E7221 E7222 battery

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6cell A32-A15 A41-A15 A42-A15 A42-H36 battery for MSI, Medion series laptop

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 10.8V
Capacity 4400mah 47Whr / 6cell
Color black
Net Weight 320g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% OEM
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

MSI A6400 CR640 CR640DX CR640MX CR640X CX640 CX640DX CX640MX CX640X Series
A6400-042US A6400-i507 A6400-Ci507 A6400-Ci303 CR640-495FR CR640-020UK CR640-235UK CR640-066UK CR640-029AU CR640-031AU CR640-294AU CR640-295AU CR640-431AU CR640 059NE CR640-035US CR640-214CA CR640-i547W7P CX640-021FR CX640-019FR CX640-438FR Cx640-440be CX640-018 CX640-018UK CX640-I547w7p CX640-i343W7P CX640-412CA CX640-013US CX640-017US CX640-035US CX640-071US CX640-028AU CX640-030AU CX640-043XCN CX640-046XPL CX640-053NE CX640-72632G50SX

MEDION Akoya E6201 Series
MEDION MD 98067 MD98067

MEDION Akoya E6221 Series
MEDION MD97752 MD97744, MD 97753, MD 97973, MD97882

MEDION Akoya E6222 Series

MEDION Akoya E6227 Series
MEDIONMD 98226 MD98226, MD 98227 MD98227,MD 98093 MD98093, MD 98097 MD98097,MD 98096 MD98096,MD 98098 MD98098, MD 98094 MD98094,MD 98229 MD98229

MEDION Akoya E6228 Series
MEDION MD 98980 MD98980,MD 99050 MD99050

MEDION Akoya E6234 Series
MEDION MD 99090 (B-Ware) ,MD 98434

MEDION Akoya E7219 Series
MEDION MD97874, MD 98019 MD 98740

MEDION Akoya E7221 Series
MD 98106, MD 98108, MD 98109,MD 98192, MD 98193, MD 98237, MD 98236, MD 98238, MD 98321, MD98106 MD98108 MD98109 MD98192 MD98193 MD98237 MD98236 MD98238 MD98302 MD98402

MEDION Akoya E7222 Series
MD 99060 MD 99030 MD99060 MD99030, MD 99060 (B-Ware)

MEDION Akoya P6331 P6333 Series

MEDION Akoya P6634 P6635 Series
MEDION MD 98099 MD98099,MD 98068 MD98068, MD 98101 MD98101,MD 98102 MD98102,MD 98231 MD98231, MD 98232 MD98232,MD 98233 MD98233, MD 98189 MD98189, MD 98292

MEDION Akoya P6637 P6638 P6640 Series
MEDION MD 98291, MD98293 MD98391

MEDION Akoya P6815 Series
MEDION MD 98234, MD 98294, MD 98296

MEDION Akoya P7621 Series

MEDION Akoya P7815 Series
MEDION MD 98194 MD98194, MD 98112 MD98112, MD 98111 MD98111,MD 98194 MD98194 ,MD 98063 MD98063,MD 98062 MD98062, MD 98243 MD 98243,MD 98251 MD98251, MD 98239 MD98239 MD 98242 MD 98243 MD 98303 MD 98306

MEDION Akoya P7816 P7817 P7818 Series
MEDION MD 99075, MD98421 MEDION MD 99075, MD98421 MD 98304, MD 98308, MD98307 MD98394

MEDION Akoya P7816 P7817 P7818 Series
MEDION MD 99075, MD98421 MD 98304, MD 98308, MD98307 MD98394

MEDION Erazer X6815 X6816 Series
MEDION MD 97971, MD 97993 Schweizer Edition ,MD 97888 B-Ware ,MD 97972 Schweizer Edition

Part number:

A32-A15 A41-A15 A42-A15 A42-H36

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