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65w Ac adapter charger for HP ENVY Sleekbook 6-1019nr 6-1024tu

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New 65w Replacement ac adapter charger + cord for HP ENVY 4 6 4-1000 6-1000 ultrabook series

Power: 65 Watts
Input: AC 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 1.5A
Output: DC 65w no smart ac adatper
Polarity: Positive

Color: black

Item Includes: AC Adapter and Power Cord (USA,UK,EU,AU)

Battery Condition Brand New,12 Month Warranty.

Fit for:

HP ENVY Sleekbook 4t-1000 Series
HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1000 Series

HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1000et 4-1000sg 4-1000st 4-1001et 4-1002tx 4-1004tx 4-1005xx 4-1007tx 4-1010ea 4-1010ed 4-1010en 4-1010ew 4-1010sa 4-1010sd 4-1010sn 4-1010ss 4-1010sw 4-1012tu 4-1015dx 4-1016tx 4-1017nr 4-1017tu 4-1017tx 4-1018tx 4-1019tu 4-1019wm 4-1020ea 4-1020eb 4-1020es 4-1020ew 4-1020ss 4-1020sw 4-1020tx 4-1023tx 4-1028tu 4-1029tu 4-1030ca 4-1030ed 4-1030en 4-1030sd 4-1030sn 4-1030ss 4-1030us 4-1031tu 4-1031tx 4-1035sg 4-1035tu 4-1035tx 4-1038nr 4-1038tu 4-1038tx 4-1040ss 4-1040tu 4-1041tx 4-1043cl 4-1043tx 4-1044tx 4-1045tu 4-1045tx 4-1046tx 4-1048tx 4-1049tx 4-1050br 4-1050ca 4-1050er 4-1050la 4-1050tx 4-1051er 4-1051tu 4-1051tx 4-1052er 4-1052tx 4-1053tu 4-1053tx 4-1054tx 4-1056tx 4-1057tx 4-1060tx 4-1061tx 4-1062ef 4-1062sf 4-1062tx 4-1066tx 4-1070ef 4-1070el 4-1070sf 4-1080eo 4-1080ex 4-1080sx 4-1090eo

HP ENVY 4-1000 Series
HP ENVY 4-1001tx 4-1003tu -1009tx 4-1010tu 4-1013tx 4-1014tu 4-1014tx 4-1015tu 4-1015tx 4-1018tu 4-1020tu -1021tu 4-1023tu 4-1024tu 4-1025t 4-1030tx

HP ENVY 6-1000 Series
HP ENVY 6-1001tu 6-1001tx 6-1002tu 6-1003tu 6-1003tx 6-1004tx 6-1005tu 6-1005tx 6-1006tu 6-1007tu 6-1007tx 6-1008tx 6-1009tx 6-1010tu 6-1010tx 6-1011tx 6-1013tx 6-1014tu 6-1014tx 6-1015tx 6-1016tu 6-1016tx 6-1017tx

HP ENVY Sleekbook 6z-1000 Series

HP ENVY Sleekbook 6t-1000 Series
HP ENVY Sleekbook 6-1000ev 6-1000sv 6-1002et 6-1002st 6-1004tx 6-1005tu 6-1005tx 6-1006ea 6-1006sa 6-1010eb 6-1010eo 6-1010so 6-1010us 6-1011ed 6-1011sd 6-1014nr 6-1014tx 6-1015nr 6-1015tx 6-1017cl 6-1019nr 6-1020ev 6-1020sv 6-1023tu 6-1024tu 6-1031er 6-1040ca 6-1047cl 6-1048ca 6-1050ex 6-1050sx 6-1054er 6-1058er 6-1071ef 6-1071sf 6-1080ex 6-1080sx 6-1083ca 6-1090ee 6z-1000


HP Envy 13-1000 Ultrabook series
HP Envy 13-1001tx 13-1001xx 13-1002tx 13-1003xx 13-1004tx 13-1005tx 13-1006tx 13-1007ev 13-1007la 13-1007tx 13-1008tx 13-1010er 13-1015er 13-1030ca 13-1030nr 13-1050ea 13-1050ef 13-1050eg 13-1050es 13-1099eo 13-1099xl 13-1940ez 13t-1000 CTO

HP ENVY Spectre XT Ultrabook 13t-2000 Series
HP ENVY Spectre XT Ultrabook 13-2000 Series

HP ENVY Spectre XT Ultrabook 13-2000ea 13-2000eb 13-2000ed 13-2000ee 13-2000eg 13-2000el 13-2000en 13-2000eo 13-2000er 13-2000es 13-2000et 13-2000ew 13-2003ef 13-2010ee 13-2010ex 13-2020ex 13-2050nr 13-2057nr 13-2060ez 13-2090la 13-2095ca CTO 13t-2000

HP ENVY 14t-3100 SPECTRE Series
HP ENVY 14-3100eb 14-3100ed 14-3100ee 14-3100ef 14-3100eg 14-3100el 14-3100en 14-3100eo 14-3100er 14-3100es 14-3100et 14-3100ew 14-3100ex 14-3190la 14t-3100 SPECTRE CTO

HP ENVY 14-3000 SPECTRE Notebook PC Series
HP ENVY 14-3000ea 4-3000eg 14-3000ex 14-3001tu 14-3001xx 14-3003tu 14-3004tu 14-3005tu 14-3006tu 14-3007tu 14-3008tu 14-3009tu 14-3010nr 14-3010tu 4-3011tu 14-3012tu 14-3013tu 4-3014tu 4-3015tu 14-3017nr 14-3017tu 14-3018tu 4-3070ez 14-3090ca 14-3090LA 14t-3000 SPECTRE CTO

Par Number:

HP DL606A#ABA PPP009D 677770-003 613149-003 ADP-65HB FC

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