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608558-001 HP Pavilion DV7 DV7-4000 keyboard US black

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Brand New 593298-001 608558-001 608559-001 HP Pavilion DV7 DV7-4000 Series keyboard US


Layout : US
Color: black
Condition:Brand New keyboard with ribbon cable
New high quality keyboard, 12 month warranty
100% manufacturer compatible
Equivalent Replacement Part

Fit models:

HP Pavilion dv7-4000 Series
dv7-4000 CTO dv7-4000eh dv7-4000sb dv7-4001tx dv7-4002tx dv7-4003tx dv7-4003xx dv7-4004ez dv7-4004tx dv7-4005so dv7-4005sw dv7-4006so dv7-4007eo dv7-4007tx dv7-4008ca dv7-4008tx dv7-4009tx dv7-4010em dv7-4010eq dv7-4010es dv7-4010ev dv7-4010sd dv7-4010sg dv7-4010sl dv7-4010so dv7-4010sv dv7-4010sw dv7-4010tx dv7-4011eg dv7-4011el dv7-4011so dv7-4012eg dv7-4012tx dv7-4013eg dv7-4013el dv7-4013so dv7-4013tx dv7-4014eo dv7-4015ew dv7-4015ez dv7-4015sa dv7-4015sg dv7-4015sl dv7-4015ss dv7-4016eg dv7-4017ez dv7-4019sz dv7-4020ec dv7-4020em dv7-4020eo dv7-4020es dv7-4020ew dv7-4020sa dv7-4020sd dv7-4020tx dv7-4021so dv7-4021tx dv7-4022ez dv7-4022so dv7-4022tx dv7-4023so dv7-4024so dv7-4024tx dv7-4025eo dv7-4025ew dv7-4025ss dv7-4025tx dv7-4026eo dv7-4026tx dv7-4027so dv7-4027tx dv7-4028eo dv7-4028tx dv7-4029tx dv7-4030ed dv7-4030ek dv7-4030em dv7-4030er dv7-4030ew dv7-4030ss dv7-4031eo dv7-4031sd dv7-4031tx dv7-4032eo dv7-4033tx dv7-4034tx dv7-4035es dv7-4035sa dv7-4035so dv7-4035tx dv7-4036tx dv7-4038ca dv7-4038tx dv7-4039tx dv7-4040ed dv7-4040ek dv7-4040sa dv7-4040sb dv7-4040sf dv7-4040sp dv7-4040ss dv7-4040tx dv7-4045ea dv7-4045eb dv7-4045er dv7-4047ea dv7-4050ea dv7-4050eb dv7-4050ec dv7-4050ed dv7-4050ei dv7-4050em dv7-4050eo dv7-4050er dv7-4050ev dv7-4050ez dv7-4050sg dv7-4050sy dv7-4051nr dv7-4051sg dv7-4052sg dv7-4053cl dv7-4053eg dv7-4054ca dv7-4054eg dv7-4055sf dv7-4055sg dv7-4057ca dv7-4057sf dv7-4058ca dv7-4060eb dv7-4060em dv7-4060eo dv7-4060si dv7-4060us dv7-4061nr dv7-4063ca dv7-4065dx dv7-4065ei dv7-4065ez dv7-4065sf dv7-4065si dv7-4066sf dv7-4067sf dv7-4069wm dv7-4070eb dv7-4070eo dv7-4070er dv7-4070ez dv7-4070sf dv7-4070us dv7-4071nr dv7-4073ca dv7-4073nr dv7-4074ca dv7-4075sb dv7-4075sf dv7-4077cl dv7-4078ca dv7-4080er dv7-4080sb dv7-4080ss dv7-4080us dv7-4083cl dv7-4085eb dv7-4085es dv7-4085sf dv7-4087cl dv7-4090ca dv7-4090eb dv7-4090ef dv7-4090es dv7-4090sf dv7-4091sf dv7-4095eb

Part number

HP AELX9U00210 9Z.N4DUQ.001 AELX7U00310 593298-001 608558-001 608559-001

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