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5200MAH Samsung 300E4A NP300E4A NT300E4A battery white

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replacement 5200MAH AA-PB9NC6W AA-PB9NC6W/E AA-PB9NS6W AA-PL9NC6W samsung series 3 15.6 14 13.3 series battery

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 11.1V
Capacity 5200mah
Color sliver
Net Weight 400g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% OEM compatible
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

samsung series 3 15.6" 305V5A NP305V5A NT305V5A
305V5A-A01 305V5A-A02 300V5A-A02 300V5A-A03 305V5A-S01 305V5A-S02 305V5A-S03 305V5A-S04 305V5A-S05 305V5A-S05 305V5A-S07 305V5A-S08 305V5A-S09 NP300V5A-A03 NP300V5A-A04 NP300V5A-A05 NP300V5A-A04US NP300V5A-A05US NP305V5A-A01 NP305V5A-A02 NP305V5A-A01US NP300V5AI NP305V5AI

samsung series 3 15.6" 300E5A NP300E5A NT300E5A
300E5A-S02 300E5A-S03 300E5A-S06 300E5A-S03FR 300E5A-S01 300E5A-A04 300E5A-A02DX NP300E5A-S01DE 300E5A-S02PL 300E5A-A06AU

samsung series 3 14" 300V4A NP300V4A NT300V4A
300V4A-S01 300V4A-S02 300V4A-S03 300V4A-S04 305V4A-S01 305V4A-S02 305V4A-S08 305V4A-S07 NP300V4A-A01 NP300V4A-A02 NP300V4A-A01US NP300V4A-A02US NP300V4AI NP305V4A-S01 NP305V4A-S02 300V3A-S02AU

samsung series 3 14" 300E4A NP300E4A NT300E4A
300E4A-S0A 300E4A-S07 300E4A-S06 300E4A-S05 300E4A-S08 300E4A-S09 300E4A-S04 300E4A-S03 300E4A-S02 300E4A-S01 300E4A-A01 300E4A-A02 300E4A-A03

samsung series 3 14" 305E4A NP305E4A NT305E4A
305E4A-S01 305E4A-S02

samsung series 3 13.3" 300V3A NP300V3A NT300V3A
300V3A-S01 300V3A-S02 300V3A-S03 300V3A-A01 NP300V3A-S01 NP300V3A-S02 NP300V3A-S03 NP300V3A-A01 NP300V3A-A01US NP300V3A-S02DE NP300V3AI NP300V3A-S01NL

samsung 14" E3420 NP-E3420 NT-E3420 series
E3420-S02 E3420-S01

samsung 14" E3415 NP-E3415 Nt-E3415 series
E3415-S01 E3415-S02

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