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5200mah Packard Bell EasyNote LS13SB LS44HR LS44SB battery

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New 6 cell 5200mah AS10D41 AS10D31 AS10D3E AS10G3E AS10D51 AS10D61 AS10D71 AS10D75 battery for Packard Bell EasyNote LM81 LM82 LM83 LM85 LM86 LM87 LM94 LM98 LS11HR LS11SB LS13HR LS13SB LS44HR LS44SB laptop

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.8v
Capacity: 5200mah / 6 Cell
Color: Black
Net Weight: 380g

Battery Condition: Brand New,100% replacement manufacture
Warranty: 12 months Long

Fit for:

Packard Bell EasyNote LM81 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LM81-RB-001 LM81-RB-006 LM81-RB-160SPL LM81-RB-226 M81-RB-308NCD LM81-RB-342NC LM81-RB-486FR LM81-RB-487 LM81-RB-497FR LM81-RB-514FR LM81-RB-517FR LM81-RB-525FR LM81-RB-536FR LM81-RB-741NCD LM81-SB-002RU LM81-SB-004RU LM81-SB-008 LM81-SB-009RU LM81-SB-012GE LM81-SB-018RU LM81-SB-019 LM81-SB-070 LM81-SB-071GE LM81-SB-100RU LM81-SB-334CZ LM81-SB-356CZ LM81-SB-552NC LM81-SB-542NC LM81-SB-526FR LM81-SB-704

Packard Bell EasyNote LM82 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LM82-RB-001 LM82-RB-001GE LM82-RB-005BE LM82-RB-013BE LM82-RB-226 LM82-RB-495FR LM82-RB-522FR LM82-RB-522FR LM82-RB-570NC LM82-SB-444FR LM82-SB-552NC LM82-SB-071GE LM82-SB-701 LM82-SB-007S lm82-sb-072ge LM82-SB-701FR

Packard Bell EasyNote LM83 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LM83-SB-007R LM83-SB-356CZ LM83-RB-527FR LM83-RB-200 LM83-RB-002

Packard Bell EasyNote LM85 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LM85-JU-203RU LM85-GO-237 LM85-GU-001IT LM85-GU-010BE LM85-GU-014GE LM85-GU-025GE LM85-GU-085GE LM85-GU-160 LM85-GU-163 LM85-GU-489FR LM85-GU-494FR LM85-GU-506FR LM85-GU-610N LM85-JO-001GE LM85-JO-002RU LM85-JO-45GE LM85-JO-065GE LM85-JO-068GE LM85-JO-102RU LM85-JO-112RU LM85-JO-122GE LM85-JO-137RU LM85-JO-180 LM85-JU-203RU LM85-JO-212RU LM85-JO-175 LM85-JO-437FR LM85-JO-451FR LM85-JO-583NC LM85-JO-682CZ LM85-JN-025BE LM85-JN-081 LM85-JN-102RULM85-JN-202RU LM85-JU-203RU LM85-JN-449FR LM85-JN-456FR LM85-JN-500FR LM85-JN-508FR LM85-JN-646NC LM85-JN-777NC LM85-JN-778NC LM85-JP-001GE LM85-JP-105GE LM85-JP-185 LM85-JP-185NL LM85-JU-015BE LM85-JU-028GE LM85-JU-077GE LM85-JU-203RU LM85-JU-448FR LM85-JU-466FR LM85-JU-498FR LM85-JU-507FR LM85-JU-509FR LM85-JU-610NC

Packard Bell EasyNote LM86 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LM86-GN-002UK LM86-GN-006UK LM86-GN-009BE LM86-GN-011BE LM86-GN-331SP LM86-GN-615FR
LM86-JN-001RU LM86-JN-009UK LM86-JN-010UK LM86-JN-025BE LM86-JN-111 LM86-JN-279FR LM86-JN-344FR LM86-JN-354PT LM86-JN-380SP LM86-JN-500RU
LM86-JU-004 LM86-JU-015BE LM86-JU-028BE LM86-JU-610 LM86-JU-466FR"

Packard Bell EasyNote LM87 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LM87-JO-112IT LM87-JO-682CZ LM87-JN-080GE LM87-JN-120PL LM87-JN-170 LM87-JN-171 LM87-JN-479FR LM87-JN-542CZ LM87-JN-562CZ"

Packard Bell EasyNote LM94 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LM94-RB-049GE LM94-RB-365CH LM94-RB-226 LM94-RB-226NL LM94-RB-610FR LM94-RB-620FR LM94-RB-899FR LM94-SB-011RU LM94-SB-047GE LM94-SB-100RU LM94-SB-202GE LM94-SB-442 LM94-SB-553NC LM94-SB-570FR LM94-SB-700FR

Packard Bell EasyNote LM98 Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LM98-CP-451HG LM98-GU-010GE LM98-GU-014GE LM98-GU-050GE LM98-GU-075GE LM98-GU-085GE LM98-GU-147CH LM98-GU-160 LM98-GU-375CH LM98-GU-401FR LM98-GU-500FR LM98-GU-570 LM98-GU-600FR LM98-GU-610PT LM98-GU-700FR LM98-JN-025BE LM98-JN-033GE LM98-JN-038BE LM98-JN-044GE LM98-JN-170 LM98-JN-299 LM98-JN-400FR LM98-JN-465C LM98-JN-469FR LM98-JN-530FR LM98-JN-560FR Lm98-jn-599 LM98-JO-001GE LM98-JO-068G LM98-JO-100TK LM98-JO-175 LM98-JO-200TK LM98-JO-240 LM98-JO-241 LM98-JO-241NL LM98-JO-242 LM98-JO-399FR LM98-JO-430SP LM98-JO-568CH LM98-JU-015 LM98-JU-015BE LM98-JU-028BE LM98-JU-490 LM98-JU-499FR LM98-JU-530FR LM98-JU-570FR LM98-JU-660FR LM98-JU-666FR

Packard Bell EasyNote LS11HR Series
Packard Bell EasyNoteLS11HR-002GE LS11HR-005NL LS11HR-019FR LS11HR-022IT LS11HR-027GE LS11-HR-034GE LS11HR-043FR LS11HR-041FR LS11HR-048FR LS11-HR-050GE LS11-HR-050FR LS11HR-085GE LS11-HR-090GE LS11HR-115GE LS11HR-137AT LS11HR-138GE LS11HR-139GE LS11-HR-144GE LS11HR-159GE LS11-HR-161GE LS11-HR-163GE LS11HR-167GE LS11HR-173GE LS11HR-175GE LS11HR-180GE LS11HR-182GE LS11HR-188GE LS11-HR-203GE LS11-HR-216GE LS11-HR-240GE LS11HR-253GE LS11HR-265GE LS11HR-274GE LS11HR-282GE

Packard Bell EasyNote LS11SB Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LS11SB-020GE LS11SB-025 LS11SB-025GE LS11SB-208GE LS11SB-236AT LS11-SB-811RU LS11-SB-883RU

Packard Bell EasyNote LS13HR Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LS13HR-008GE LS13HR-029GE LS13HR-034GE LS13HR-035GE LS13HR-104GE LS13HR-154GE LS13HR-162GE LS13HR-269GE LS13-HR-310RU LS13-HR-510RU LS13-HR-523RU

Packard Bell EasyNote LS13SB LS13SB-4334G75B

Packard Bell EasyNote LS44HR Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LS44-HR-070FR LS44HR-149GE LS44HR-215GE LS44-HR-216GE LS44HR-290GE LS44-HR-330NL LS44-HR-408NL LS44-HR-446CZ

Packard Bell EasyNote LS44SB Series
Packard Bell EasyNote LS44SB-015GE LS44-SB-044BE LS44-SB-045 LS44SB-075GE LS44-SB-100FR LS44-SB-446BE

Replace Part Number:

AS10D41 AS10D31 AS10D3E AS10G3E AS10D51 AS10D61 AS10D71 AS10D75

31CR19/652 31CR19/65-2 31CR19/653 31CR19/65-3 934T2078F

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