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5200mah Lenovo ThinkPad L530 series battery

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9cell 5200mah Lenovo ThinkPad L530 series battery

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 11.1V
Capacity 5200MAH
Color black
Net Weight 390g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% oem battery
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit model:

Lenovo ThinkPad L530 series

Part number:


42T4708 42T4709 42T4710 42T4712 42T4714 42T4715
42T4731 42T4733 42T4735 42T4737 42T4753 42T4757
42T4799 42T4801 42T4803 51J0499 51J0500 57Y4185 57Y4186 FRU 42T4819
ASM 42T4703 ASM 42T4711 ASM 42T4752 ASM 42T4756 ASM 42T4794 FRU 42T4817
ASM 42T4796 FRU 42T4702 FRU 42T4710 FRU 42T4751 FRU 42T4755 FRU 42T4791
FRU 42T4793 FRU 42T4795 FRU 42T4797 FRU 42T4799 FRU 42T4801 FRU 42T4803

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