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4400mah Original acer gateway AS09A70 AS09A71 AS09A73 battery

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4400MAH Original battery AS09A70 AS09A71 AS09A73 Acer Gateway Packard bell Emachine

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 11.1V
Capacity 4400MAH
Color black
Net Weight 360g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% Original
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

Packard bell EasyNote TJ61 TJ62 TJ63 TJ64 TJ65 TJ66 TJ67 Series

Packard bell EasyNote TR81 TR82 TR83 TR85 TR86 TR87 series

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NO all models are listed

Replace Part Number:

AS09A31 AS09A41 AS09A56 AS09A61 AS09A70 AS09A71 AS09A73 AS09A75

AS09A90 MS2274 BT-00603-076 BT.00603.076 BT.00605.036

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