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4 cell IBM LENOVO 40Y7001 92P1169 92P1174 92P1227

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Brand new 4 cell IBM LENOVO 40Y7001 92P1169 92P1174 92P1227 battery for Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad X60 X60s X61 X61s

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 14.8V
Capacity 2200mah/4cell
Color white
Net Weight 320g

Fit for:

Ibm Thinkpad X60 Series
ThinkPad X60 1702, ThinkPad X60 1703, ThinkPad X60 1704, ThinkPad X60 1705, ThinkPad X60 1706, ThinkPad X60 1707, ThinkPad X60 1708, ThinkPad X60 1709, ThinkPad X60 2509, ThinkPad X60 2510, ThinkPad X60 2533,

Ibm Thinkpad X60s Series
ThinkPad X60s 1702, ThinkPad X60s 1703, ThinkPad X60s 1704, ThinkPad X60s 1705, ThinkPad X60s 1706, ThinkPad X60s 1707, ThinkPad X60s 1708, ThinkPad X60s 1709, ThinkPad X60s 2507, ThinkPad X60s 2508, ThinkPad X60s 2522, ThinkPad X60s 2524, ThinkPad X60s 2533,

Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Series
ThinkPad X61 7673,

Lenovo Thinkpad X61s Series

replace part number;

IBM LENOVO 40Y7001, FRU 92P1169, ASM 92P1174, FRU 92P1227,

Battery Condition Brand New, 100%
Warranty 12 months Long

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