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36W Gigabyte T1125N-PRO T1125N-CF2 T1125N-CF1 charger AC adapter

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Input voltage: 100-240V ~ 1.5A, 50 - 60Hz
Output voltage: 12v ~ 3A, 36W
DC jack: 4.8mm * 1.7mm

12V 3A 36W ADP-36EH 90-OA00PW9100 AC adapter Gigabyte netbook

plug cord: USA, UK, EU, AU (fit your country)

part number: ADP-36EH 90-OA00PW9100

fit model:

Gigabyte S1080-CF1 E1425M-CF1 LED Tablet PC
Gigabyte M912 M912m M912v M912x M912z M1022 M1305
Gigabyte T1000 T1000P T1000X T1028 T1028C T1028G
Gigabyte T1005 T1005M T1005P-CF2 T1005M-CF3 T1005P-CF4
Gigabyte T1125N-PRO T1125N-CF2 T1125N-CF1 Tablet PC

Power cord is included with this item for FREE.

We will send out the power cord with the corresponding A/C Wall adapter according to the shipping address.

For example, if the shipping address is USA, then the power cord will be equiped with the Wall adapter for USA. Europe address get Europe power cord.

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