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36W ASUS 90-N00PW7E00Y 90-N00PW7F00Y AC Adapter Charger

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Input voltage: 100-240V ~ 1.5A, 50 - 60Hz
Output voltage: 12v ~ 3A, 36W
DC jack: 4.8mm * 1.7mm

12V 3A 36W Asus ADP-36EH 90-OA00PW9100 charger power supply AC adapter ASUS Eee PC 900 901 1000 S101

plug cord: USA, UK, EU, AU (fit your country)

part number: Asus ADP-36EH 90-OA00PW9100

fit model:

Asus Eee

10 Inch :
Eee PC 1000 / Eee PC 1000AG / Eee PC 1000H / Eee PC 1000H GO / Eee PC 1000HA / Eee PC 1000HC / Eee PC 1000HD / Eee PC 1000HE / Eee PC 1000HG / Eee PC 1000HT / Eee PC 1000HV / Eee PC 1002H / Eee PC 1002HA / Eee PC 1002HAE / Eee PC S101 / Eee PC S101H / Eee PC T101H / Eee PC T101MT

7 Inch :
Eee PC 4G / Eee PC 8G / Eee PC 4G Surf / Eee PC 2G Surf / Eee PC 701SD / Eee PC 701SDX

9 Inch :
Eee PC 900 / Eee PC 901 / Eee PC 904HD / Eee PC 900A / Eee PC 900 - 30GB / Eee PC 904HA / Eee PC 901 (3.75G) / Eee PC 900HD / Eee PC 900HA / Eee PC 901 GO - MTV / Eee PC 900SD / Eee PC T91 / Disney Netpal / Disney Netbook / Eee PC T91MT / Eee PC 901-16G / Eee PC 900AX

ASUS Eee Videophone AiGuru SV1 SV1T

Asus EeeBox PC B202 B204 B206 EB1006

Power cord is included with this item for FREE.

We will send out the power cord with the corresponding A/C Wall adapter according to the shipping address.

For example, if the shipping address is USA, then the power cord will be equiped with the Wall adapter for USA. Europe address get Europe power cord.

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