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2.0 Bluetooth Module + cable BT-183 ASUS M50 M51

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2.0 Bluetooth Module + cable BT-183 for ALL ASUS M50 M51 series

used and tested, 100% working , 30 days warranty!!

bluetooth v2.0, 2.4G  Wireless  Up to 3 Mbps

Part number: asus bt-183

Fit models:

ASUS M51 M51A M51Kr M51Se M51Sn M51Sr M51Ta M51Tr M51Va M51Vr Series

ASUS M51Sn-X2 M51Sn-C1 M51SN-A1 M51SN-B1 m51sn-as029c M51Sn-C1 Series

ASUS M51-AP067 M51A-AP087C M51TA-X2 M51TA M51TR m51ta-ap009c Series

ASUS M51S M51SR-AP053C M51-Se-AS018C M51K M51E M51V M51VA Series

ASUS M51VR-AP016C M51VX M51VR-AS205E/C2D M51AT M51Se M51TR M51Q Series

Product Specifications:

Module number : BT-183

Internal Bluetooth Module

Supports Bluetooth 2.0, backward compatible with 1.0 and 1.1/1.2 standard


Driver Download:

2000/XP: : Click here

VISTA: Click here

install software :
1,Please Make sure to install the Wireless Console Utility before this driver installation
2,Make sure to press WiFi or bluetooth button to turn on Bluetooth!

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