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14.8v Packard Bell MZ36-V-122 SB89-P-020W battery

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New 14.8v SQU-703 SQU-710 Laptop Battery for LG E510 Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35 MZ36 F0335 F0336 SB85 SB86 SB87 SB88

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 14.8V
Capacity 2000mah / 4 Cell
Color Black
Net Weight 320g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% OEM compatible
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

LG E510 Series
E510-L.AB03A9 E510-L.AB02A9 E510-L.AB01A9 E510-LABRTZ E510-L.A211R1 E510-G.APMAG
E510-L.APRBY E510-GAPQ3V E510-LABYYV E510-L211T E510-L.A2T1V E510-L.A2BLEL
E510-L.A235R1 E510-G.ABMBG

Quanta PL3C AL-096 Series
Datron PL3C AL-096 Series
Turbo X PL3C AL-096 Series
Datron Turbo X PL3C AL-096 Series
Tsunami Walker 4000 PL3C AL-096 Series
Mecer Xpression PL3C AL-096 AL_096 Series

Advent 7201 7211 7301 7302 9915w AL-096

Packard Bell EasyNote Argo C1 C2
Packard Bell EasyNote Minos GP2 GP2W MGP00 MGP20
Packard Bell EasyNote F0335 F0336 F0336-V-089
Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35 MZ35-001 MZ35-200 MZ35-216
MZ35-V-013 MZ35-V-036 MZ35-V-060 MZ35-V-009 MZ35-V-075 MZ35-U-005
Packard Bell EasyNote MZ36 MZ36-R-017 MZ36-T-015 MZ36-T-026
MZ36-U-024-UK MZ36-V-107 MZ36-V-117 MZ36-U-086 MZ36-U-038 MZ36-T-019 MZ36-V-122
Packard Bell EasyNote SB85 SB86 SB87 SB88-P-009 SB89-P-013 SB89-P-024 SB89-P-020W

Part Number:

SQU-703 SQU-710 EUP-P5-1-22 EUP-P5-1-24 4UR18650F-QC-PL3 4UR18650F-QC-PL1A
CGR-B 458 4UR18650Y-QC-PL1 CGR-B 8D8 2PL5BTLI810 2PL5BTLI430

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