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13.3" LG LP133WX2(TL)(E1) LED LCD Screen

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New 13.3" WXGA HD LAPTOP LED LCD Screen Panel Display For LG LP133WX2(TL)(E1) HP Pavilion dv3-4000

Size: 13.3"
Resolution: 1280X800
Resolution Type: WXGA
Connector Type: 40 pin TFT Active Matrix Glossy
Backlight Type: LED Backlight
Condition: Brand New! A++ Not pulled, not used! Tested fine befoe shipping!

Warranty: 1 year 

Compatible Part Number :

LG LP133WX2(TL)(E1)

Fit Laptop Models :

HP Pavilion dv3-4000 Sereis
dv3-4000sb dv3-4001tx dv3-4002tx dv3-4003tx dv3-4004tx dv3-4005tx dv3-4006tx dv3-4007tx dv3-4009ee dv3-4010ee dv3-4010em dv3-4010sg dv3-4010sl dv3-4010tx dv3-4016tx dv3-4019tx dv3-4020sp dv3-4020tx dv3-4025er dv3-4026tx dv3-4027tx dv3-4028tx dv3-4029tx dv3-4030er dv3-4030tx dv3-4031tx dv3-4034tx dv3-4035tx dv3-4036tx dv3-4037ee dv3-4037tx dv3-4038ee dv3-4038tx dv3-4039tx dv3-4040eo dv3-4042tx dv3-4043tx dv3-4044tx dv3-4045eo dv3-4045tx dv3-4046tx dv3-4047tx dv3-4048tx dv3-4049tx dv3-4050ea dv3-4050ec dv3-4050eo dv3-4050et dv3-4050ez dv3-4050sp dv3-4050ss dv3-4051tx dv3-4052tx dv3-4053tx dv3-4054tx dv3-4055tx dv3-4057tx dv3-4059tx dv3-4060ee dv3-4060eo dv3-4060es dv3-4061ee dv3-4063se dv3-4064se dv3-4065tx dv3-4070ee dv3-4070ss dv3-4071ee dv3-4080ss

HP Pavilion dv3-4100 Sereis
dv3-4100eg dv3-4100ej dv3-4100em dv3-4100er dv3-4100sa dv3-4100st dv3-4101sl dv3-4102tx dv3-4103tx dv3-4104tx dv3-4105tx dv3-4106tx dv3-4107tx dv3-4108tx dv3-4109ee dv3-4109se dv3-4110ee dv3-4110ej dv3-4110ew dv3-4110se dv3-4117tx dv3-4119tx dv3-4120ee dv3-4120ss dv3-4120tx dv3-4121ss dv3-4121tx dv3-4122tx dv3-4123tx dv3-4124tx dv3-4125tx dv3-4126tx dv3-4127tx dv3-4129tx dv3-4130ss dv3-4131tx dv3-4132tx dv3-4140es dv3-4140ss dv3-4150eb dv3-4150ec dv3-4150ed dv3-4150ez dv3-4150so dv3-4150st dv3-4151eo dv3-4151sz dv3-4160ee dv3-4160ep dv3-4160se dv3-4160sp dv3-4161ee dv3-4161se dv3-4170ee dv3-4180ep

HP Pavilion dv3-4200 Sereis
dv3-4204tx dv3-4205tx dv3-4206tx dv3-4207tx dv3-4208tx dv3-4210tx dv3-4211tx dv3-4214tx

HP Pavilion dv3-4300 Sereis
dv3-4300ei dv3-4300ej dv3-4300ek dv3-4300eo dv3-4300et dv3-4300si dv3-4300st dv3-4302ei dv3-4302si dv3-4303se dv3-4305ee dv3-4305se dv3-4310ej dv3-4310el dv3-4310st dv3-4320eb dv3-4320ec dv3-4325er dv3-4350ez

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