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13.3" HP dv3-2017tx dv3-2023tx dv3-2025tx LED LCD Screen

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New 13.3" WXGA HD LAPTOP LED LCD Screen Panel Display For Samsung LTN133AT15-G01 HP 506155-001 HP Pavilion dv3

Size: 13.3"
Resolution: 1280X800
Resolution Type: WXGA
Connector Type: 30 pin TFT Active Matrix Glossy
Backlight Type: LED Backlight
Condition: Brand New! A++ Not pulled, not used! Tested fine befoe shipping!

Warranty: 1 year 

Compatible Part Number :

Samsung LTN133AT15-G01 HP 506155-001

Fit Laptop Models :

HP Pavilion dv3-1000 Series
Sereis dv3-1051xx dv3-1052xx dv3-1073cl dv3-1075ca dv3-1075us dv3-1077ca dv3z-1000 CTO

HP Pavilion dv3-2100 Series
dv3-2101tu dv3-2101tx dv3-2102tu dv3-2102tx dv3-2103tu dv3-2103tx dv3-2105ee dv3-2105tu dv3-2106tu dv3-2107tu dv3-2107tx dv3-2108tu dv3-2110eg dv3-2110er dv3-2110es dv3-2110tx dv3-2111tx dv3-2112tx dv3-2113tx dv3-2114tx dv3-2115ea dv3-2115ee dv3-2116tx dv3-2117tx dv3-2119tx dv3-2120ea dv3-2120ss dv3-2121tx dv3-2122tx dv3-2123tx dv3-2125ee dv3-2126tx dv3-2127tx dv3-2128tx dv3-2129tx dv3-2130ea dv3-2130ef dv3-2130ei dv3-2130el dv3-2130es dv3-2130ez dv3-2131tx dv3-2133tx dv3-2135tx dv3-2136tx dv3-2137tx dv3-2138tx dv3-2139tx dv3-2140ei dv3-2140eo dv3-2144tx dv3-2145tx dv3-2146tx dv3-2147tx dv3-2149tx dv3-2150ec dv3-2150ej dv3-2150el dv3-2150ep dv3-2150es dv3-2150ev dv3-2150tx dv3-2150us dv3-2154ca dv3-2155ee dv3-2155mx dv3-2157cl dv3-2160eo dv3-2165ee dv3-2175ee

HP Pavilion dv3-2200 Series
dv3-2201tx dv3-2202tu dv3-2202tx dv3-2203tu dv3-2203tx dv3-2204tu dv3-2209tx dv3-2210eg dv3-2210er dv3-2210tx dv3-2211tx dv3-2212tx dv3-2213tx dv3-2214tx dv3-2216tx dv3-2217tx dv3-2219tx dv3-2220ef dv3-2220er dv3-2220tx dv3-2221tx dv3-2222tx dv3-2225et dv3-2225tx dv3-2226tx dv3-2227tx dv3-2228tx dv3-2230ea dv3-2230ef dv3-2230er dv3-2230tx dv3-2231tx dv3-2232tx dv3-2234tx dv3-2236tx dv3-2237tx dv3-2238tx dv3-2239tx dv3-2240ez dv3-2242tx dv3-2244tx dv3-2250ed dv3-2250el dv3-2250ep dv3-2250es dv3-2250et dv3-2250ew dv3-2270ev dv3-2299eo

HP Pavilion dv3-2300 Series
dv3-2301tx dv3-2302tu dv3-2302tx dv3-2303tu dv3-2304tx dv3-2307tx dv3-2309tx dv3-2310ea dv3-2310er dv3-2310sw dv3-2310tx dv3-2312tx dv3-2313tx dv3-2314tx dv3-2315tx dv3-2316tx dv3-2320ep dv3-2320es dv3-2320tx dv3-2321tx dv3-2322tx dv3-2325tx dv3-2326tx dv3-2328tx dv3-2331tx dv3-2332tx dv3-2340ez dv3-2350ed dv3-2350ee dv3-2350el dv3-2355ee dv3-2360ee dv3-2370ee dv3-2380ee dv3-2390eg dv3-2390eo

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