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120W 608426-001 609941-001 HP dv6-6000 ac adapter charger

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120W 608426-001 609941-001 PPP016L-E PA-1121-42HH HP Pavilion dv6-6000 ENVY 17-2000 Series laptop charger ac adapter + power cord

Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz~1.5A
Output:120w 18.5v 6.5A 7.4mm*5.0mm
low energy consumption
Power LED monitor
Power cable cord included

send the correct power cord fit your country.(USA,UK,EU,AU)

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% OEM
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

HP Pavilion dv6-6000 Series
dv6-6000ee dv6-6000eg dv6-6000em dv6-6000se dv6-6001ea dv6-6001eg
dv6-6001eh dv6-6001eo dv6-6001ev dv6-6001sa dv6-6001sg dv6-6001tu
dv6-6001tx dv6-6002eg dv6-6002em dv6-6002er dv6-6002ev dv6-6002sa
dv6-6002tu dv6-6002tx dv6-6003eg dv6-6003ev dv6-6003tu dv6-6003tx
dv6-6004eo dv6-6004sa dv6-6004tu dv6-6004tx dv6-6005ea dv6-6005ec
dv6-6005et dv6-6005sa dv6-6005sg dv6-6005sh dv6-6005sl dv6-6005st
dv6-6005tu dv6-6005tx dv6-6006ea dv6-6006em dv6-6006eo dv6-6006tu
dv6-6006tx dv6-6007sg dv6-6007tu dv6-6007tx dv6-6008eg dv6-6008el
dv6-6008eo dv6-6008tu dv6-6008tx dv6-6009tu dv6-6009tx dv6-6010eb
dv6-6010ec dv6-6010ej dv6-6010el dv6-6010et dv6-6010st dv6-6010sw
dv6-6010tu dv6-6010tx dv6-6011eo dv6-6011tu dv6-6011tx dv6-6012eo
dv6-6012ez dv6-6012so dv6-6012tu dv6-6012tx dv6-6013cl dv6-6013tu
dv6-6013tx dv6-6014eo dv6-6014tu dv6-6014tx dv6-6015tu dv6-6015tx
dv6-6016eo dv6-6016tx dv6-6017tx dv6-6018eo dv6-6018tx dv6-6019tx
dv6-6020ca dv6-6020ec dv6-6020ej dv6-6020el dv6-6020et dv6-6020ew
dv6-6020ss dv6-6020st dv6-6020tx dv6-6021tx dv6-6022eg dv6-6022ez
dv6-6022tx dv6-6023tx dv6-6024tx dv6-6025ew dv6-6025tx dv6-6026tx
dv6-6027tx dv6-6029er dv6-6029sr dv6-6029tx dv6-6030ec dv6-6030ej
dv6-6030el dv6-6030eo dv6-6030er dv6-6030es dv6-6030et dv6-6030ew
dv6-6030st dv6-6030tx dv6-6031eo dv6-6031er dv6-6031tx dv6-6032eo
dv6-6032er dv6-6033cl dv6-6033ez dv6-6033sg dv6-6034tx dv6-6035ec
dv6-6035ed dv6-6035tx dv6-6036tx dv6-6037tx dv6-6038tx dv6-6039tx
dv6-6040ca dv6-6040eb dv6-6040ef dv6-6040ej dv6-6040eo dv6-6040ep
dv6-6040ew dv6-6040sf dv6-6040ss dv6-6040tx dv6-6041tx dv6-6042ef
dv6-6042eo dv6-6042sf dv6-6043tx dv6-6044tx dv6-6047cl dv6-6050ec
dv6-6050ed dv6-6050ee dv6-6050ek dv6-6050er dv6-6050ew dv6-6050ey
dv6-6050sb dv6-6050se dv6-6050ss dv6-6051ea dv6-6051ef dv6-6051ek
dv6-6051er dv6-6051sf dv6-6051xx dv6-6052ea dv6-6052sa dv6-6052sf
dv6-6053ea dv6-6053ef dv6-6053sf dv6-6054ea dv6-6054ef dv6-6054sf
dv6-6055ea dv6-6055ep dv6-6055ez dv6-6057ef dv6-6057sf dv6-6060eo
dv6-6060ep dv6-6060es dv6-6060sa dv6-6060ss dv6-6061eo dv6-6062eo
dv6-6063eo dv6-6063sf dv6-6067ez dv6-6069eo dv6-6070ca dv6-6070ee
dv6-6070eo dv6-6070ep dv6-6070es dv6-6070se dv6-6071eo dv6-6072eo
dv6-6073eo dv6-6075ez dv6-6075la dv6-6077ei dv6-6077er dv6-6077la
dv6-6077sa dv6-6077si dv6-6078ei dv6-6078er dv6-6078si dv6-6079ei
dv6-6079er dv6-6080ed dv6-6080ee dv6-6080ei dv6-6080ep dv6-6080er
dv6-6080se dv6-6080sf dv6-6081ei dv6-6086eg dv6-6087eg dv6-6090eb
dv6-6090ee dv6-6090ef dv6-6090es dv6-6090sf dv6-6090us dv6-6091nr
dv6-6092ex dv6-6093ex dv6-6095ep dv6-6095es dv6-6095ex dv6-6095sg
dv6-6096ex dv6-6096nr dv6-6097nr dv6-6099el

HP ENVY 17-2000 Series

HP ENVY 17-2000ee 17-2000ef 17-2000eg 17-2000eo
HP ENVY 17-2000er 17-2001ea 17-2001eg 17-2001er
HP ENVY 17-2001tx 17-2001xx 17-2002tx 17-2002xx
HP ENVY 17-2003ef 17-2006tx 17-2008tx 17-2009tx
HP ENVY 17-2010tx 17-2012tx 17-2013tx 17-2014tx
HP ENVY 17-2020ew 17-2050eb 17-2050eo 17-2050ep
HP ENVY 17-2050es 17-2060ed 17-2070nr 17-2075en
HP ENVY 17-2077ez 17-2080ed 17-2080en 17-2080ez
HP ENVY 17-2090eb 17-2090el 17-2090eo 17-2090ep
HP ENVY 17-2090la 17-2092eo 17-2095ez17-2099el
HP ENVY 17-2099ez 17t-2000 CTO

Replace Part Number:

hp VE025AA#ABA NW199AA#ABA ED519AA 608426-001 609941-001 PPP016L-E PA-1121-42HH

hp 463556-002 397747-003 397803-001 416931-001 463555-002 463556-001

hp 463556-002 463557-001 391174-001 384023-001 463953-001 463959-001

Please MAKE SURE you have order a correct connector

Pls make sure the DC OUTPUT of AC adapter & Connector size are accordant before order.
What's in the box
Laptop AC Adapter
Ac Power Cord Cable (to fit your country)

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