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12 cell 7800mah battery for hp HSTNN-DB74 HSTNN-IB74 HSTNN-OB75

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7800mah 12 cell KS525AA HSTNN-DB74 HSTNN-IB74 HSTNN-IB75HSTNN-OB75 HP DV7 dv7t dv7z DV8 DV8T HDX18 Series battery

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 14.4V
Capacity 7800mah
Color Black
Net Weight 680g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% oem Compatible
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:
HP DV7-3160US DV7-3060US dv7-3165dx DV7-3180US
HP DV7-1450US DV7-1240US DV7-3080US
HP DV7-1133CL DV7-1183CL DV7-1260US DV7-2170US

HP Pavilion DV7 series
Pavilion dv7-1000ea dv7-1001ea dv7-1001tx
Pavilion dv7-1001xx dv7-1002ea dv7-1002tx
Pavilion dv7-1002xx dv7-1003ea dv7-1003tx
Pavilion dv7-1003xx dv7-1004ea dv7-1004tx
Pavilion dv7-1005eg dv7-1005tx dv7-1006tx
Pavilion dv7-1007tx dv7-1008tx dv7-1009tx
Pavilion dv7-1010et dv7-1010tx dv7-1011tx
Pavilion dv7-1012tx dv7-1013tx dv7-1014ca
Pavilion dv7-1014tx dv7-1015eg dv7-1015tx
Pavilion dv7-1016nr dv7-1016tx dv7-1017tx
Pavilion dv7-1018eg dv7-1018tx dv7-1019tx
Pavilion dv7-1020ea dv7-1020eg dv7-1020el
Pavilion dv7-1020es dv7-1020tx dv7-1020us
Pavilion dv7-1021tx dv7-1022tx dv7-1023cl
Pavilion dv7-1023em dv7-1023tx dv7-1024tx
Pavilion dv7-1025eg dv7-1025nr dv7-1025tx
Pavilion dv7-1026tx dv7-1027ca dv7-1027tx
Pavilion dv7-1029tx dv7-1030eb dv7-1030el
Pavilion dv7-1030en dv7-1030ep dv7-1030tx
Pavilion dv7-1031tx dv7-1034ca dv7-1035ef
Pavilion dv7-1035em dv7-1038ca dv7-1040ec
Pavilion dv7-1040ef dv7-1040em dv7-1040es
Pavilion dv7-1040et dv7-1040ew dv7-1045eg
Pavilion dv7-1045tx dv7-1050ea dv7-1050ef
Pavilion dv7-1050eg dv7-1050er dv7-1051xx
Pavilion dv7-1052xx dv7-1053ez dv7-1053xx
Pavilion dv7-1055ea dv7-1060ec dv7-1060ef
Pavilion dv7-1060en dv7-1060ep dv7-1060ez
Pavilion dv7-1065ef dv7-1070ed dv7-1070ee
Pavilion dv7-1070ef dv7-1070eg dv7-1070ek
Pavilion dv7-1070el dv7-1070eo dv7-1075la
Pavilion dv7-1080ed dv7-1080el dv7-1080eo
Pavilion dv7-1080es dv7-1080ew dv7-1080ez
Pavilion dv7-1090eb dv7-1090ed dv7-1090en
Pavilion dv7-1090er dv7-1093eo dv7-1094eo
Pavilion dv7-1095eo dv7-1098eo dv7-1099ef

HP Pavilion dv7-1100 Series
Pavilion dv7-1123ca dv7-1128ca
Pavilion dv7-1130us dv7-1150us dv7-1153ca
Pavilion dv7-1170us dv7-1174ca dv7-1177ca
Pavilion dv7/CT dv7 Series dv7t dv7t-1000
Pavilion dv7z dv7z-1000
HP Pavilion dv7-1270ca dv7-1270

HP Pavilion DV8 Series
Pavilion DV8 DV8-1000 DV8-1000eb
Pavilion DV8-1001tx DV8-1001xx DV8-1002tx
Pavilion DV8-1003tx DV8-1005tx DV8-1007tx
Pavilion DV8-1009tx DV8-1010el DV8-1010er
Pavilion DV8-1050eg DV8-1050ep DV8-1050es
Pavilion DV8-1080ea DV8-1080ed DV8-1080ez
Pavilion DV8-1090ef DV8-1090ev DV8-1090ez
Pavilion DV8-1093ca DV8-1099eo DV8t
Pavilion DV8t-1000

HP Pavilion HDX18 series
HP HDX18-1000 Series
HDX18t HDX X18-1000EO HDX X18-1000 Series HDX X18-1001TX
HDX X18-1001XX HDX X18-1002TX HDX X18-1003TX HDX X18-1004TX
HDX X18-1005EA HDX X18-1005TX HDX X18-1006TX HDX X18-1007TX
HDX X18-1008TX HDX X18-1009TX HDX X18-1010EA HDX X18-1010TX
HDX X18-1011TX HDX X18-1012TX HDX X18-1013TX HDX X18-1014TX
HDX X18-1015TX HDX X18-1016TX HDX X18-1017TX HDX X18-1018TX
HDX X18-1020US HDX X18-1023CA HDX X18-1024CA HDX X18-1027CL
HDX X18-1050EB HDX X18-1050EF HDX X18-1050ER HDX X18-1058CA
HDX X18-1070EE HDX X18-1080ED HDX X18-1080EG HDX X18-1080EL
HDX X18-1080EP HDX X18-1080ES HDX X18-1080ET HDX X18-1080EW
HDX X18-1088EZ HDX X18-1090EZ HDX X18-1099UX HDX X18T-1000
HDX18-1100 Series HDX18-1200 Series

replace part number;

HP 464059-121 464059-141 464058-121 480385-001 497705-001

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