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12 cell 6600mah gateway W32066LC, W32066LD battery

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W32066LC, W32066LD Gateway MX3000 MX3500 MX3600 M210 M250 NX200 NX200S NX250 NX250x MT3000 S-7200N battery

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 14.8V
Capacity 6600mah / 12cell
Color white
Net Weight 360g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100%
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

Gateway MX3000 Series:

Gateway MX3042 Notebook-5384, Gateway MX3044h Notebook-5505, Gateway MX3044 Notebook-5504, Gateway MX3210 Notebook-5947, Gateway MX3215 Notebook-5948

Gateway MX3500 Series:

Gateway MX3558 Notebook-5861, Gateway MX3560 Notebook-5385, Gateway MX3562 Notebook-5415, Gateway MX3563 Notebook-5506

Gateway MX3600 Series:

Gateway MX3610 Notebook-5949

Gateway M210 Series:

Gateway M210 Notebook-1008255

Gateway M250 Series:

Gateway M250 Notebook-2900782, Gateway M250A Notebook-2900807, Gateway M250B Notebook-2900808, Gateway M250E Notebook-1008469, Gateway M250GS Notebook-1008476, Gateway M250ES Notebook-1008545, Gateway M250G Notebook-1008470

Gateway 3000 Series:

Gateway 3018GZ Notebook-4386, Gateway 3040GZ Notebook-4994, Gateway 3520GZ Notebook-4094, Gateway 3522GZ Notebook-4653, Gateway 3525GB Notebook-4785, Gateway 3545GZ Notebook-5120, Gateway 3550GZ Notebook-4995, Gateway 3550GH Notebook-5173, Gateway 3610GZ Notebook-5307

Gateway NX200 Series:

Gateway NX200S Notebook-1008574

Gateway NX250 Series:

Gateway NX250X Notebook-1008589

Gateway MT3000 Series

Gateway S-7200N Series:

Gateway S-7200N Notebook-1008584

Replace Part Number:

gateway W32044L, W32066LC, W32066LD, 6500944, 102306, 106125, 10534119, 1533151,

gateway 6500972, 6500974, UR18650F, B0185010000001, ACEB0185010000001


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