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11.1V Packard Bell EasyNote LJ71 LJ73 LJ75 LJ77 battery

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11.1V 5200mah battery for Packard Bell EasyNote LJ61 LJ63 LJ65 LJ67 LJ71 LJ73 LJ75 LJ77

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 11.1V
Capacity 5200mah
Color black
Net Weight 380g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% OEM
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ61 Series
Packard Bell Easynote LJ61-RB-010 LJ61-RB-010UKB LJ61-SB-011 LJ61-SB-071GE LJ61-SB-107BE LJ61-BG114FR LJ61-SB-710NC LJ61-RB136FR LJ61-SB-710NCD LJ61-SB-011 LJ61-RB-033BE LJ61-RB-110UK LJ61-RB-002 LJ61-RB-016GE LJ61-SB-015

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ63 Series
Packard Bell Easynote LJ63-SB-001BE LJ63-SB-003BE LJ63-SB-348SP LJ63-RB-200SP LJ63-RB-207FR

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ65 Series
Packard Bell Easynote LJ65-CT-020GE LJ65-CT-050GE LJ65-CT-101RU LJ65-CT-023IT LJ65-CT-019IT LJ65-CU-035BE LJ65-CU-014 LJ65-CU-136FR LJ65-CU-147FR LJ65-CU-630CZ LJ65-CU-312SP LJ65-CU-313SP LJ65-CU-180FR LJ65-CU-169FR LJ65-CU-322FR LJ65-CU-348FR LJ65-CU-270FR LJ65-CU-839NC LJ65-CU-631CZ LJ65-CU-348FR LJ65-CU-850NCB LJ65-CU-761 LJ65-CU-245 LJ65-CU-352FR LJ65-CU-214FR LJ65-CU-254FR LJ65-CU-261FR LJ65-CU-317SP LJ65-CU-026BE LJ65-CU-040IT LJ65-CU-042IT LJ65-CU-245NL LJ65-DM-141 LJ65-DM-021IT LJ65-DM-195FR LJ65-DM-081GE LJ65-DM-028UK LJ65-DM-317SP LJ65-DM-073GE LJ65-DM-306PT LJ65-DM-010GEB LJ65-DM-005BE LJ65-DM-052GE LJ65-DM-306SP LJ65-DM-141FR LJ65-DM-120CZ LJ65-DM-077GEL J65-DM-021IT LJ65-DM-095GE LJ65-DM-514SP LJ65-DM-488SP LJ65-DT-002RUB LJ65-DT-004RU LJ65-DT-016UK LJ65-DT-018NL LJ65-DT-020NL LJ65-DT-031GE LJ65-DT-073GE LJ65-DT-075GE LJ65-DT-077GE LJ65-DT-100UK LJ65-DT-147FR LJ65-DT-167FR LJ65-DT-172FR LJ65-DT-215CZ LJ65-DT-216HG LJ65-DT-301SP LJ65-RB-017UK LJ65-RB-055K LJ65-RB-055UK

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ67 Series
Packard Bell Easynote LJ67-CU-358FR lj67-dm-028 LJ67-DT-197FR LJ67-AU-273FR LJ67-AU-564SP LJ67-BT-593SP LJ67-BT-595SP LJ67-CU-024RU LJ67-CU-080GE LJ67-CU-185FR LJ67-CU-194FR LJ67-CU-209FR LJ67-CU-231FR LJ67-CU-259FR LJ67-CU-262FR LJ67-CU-289FR LJ67-CU-507SP LJ67-DM-574NC LJ67-DM-811NC LJ67-DT-566SP LJ67-DT-577SP LJ67-DT-579SP LJ67-DT-801NC

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ71 Series
Packard Bell Easynote LJ71-RB-019UK LJ71-RB-023UK LJ71-RB-025 LJ71-RB-025UK LJ71-RB-026UK LJ71-RB-106CH LJ71-RB-005BE LJ71-RB-003BE LJ71-RB-010BE LJ71-RB-071GE LJ71-RB-208 LJ71-RB-213FR LJ71-RB-243NL LJ71-RB-244 LJ71-RB-253NL LJ71-RB-260 LJ71-RB-260FR LJ71-RB-310 LJ71-RB-321SP LJ71-SB-001RU LJ71-SB-002RU LJ71-SB-011GE LJ71-SB-021BE LJ71-SB-074GE LJ71-SB-079GE LJ71-SB-084GE LJ71-SB-079GE LJ71-SB-213NC LJ71-SB-256 LJ71-SB-285FR LJ71-SB-301SP LJ71-SB-542NC LJ71-SB-030UK LJ71-SB-099RU LJ71-SB-212NC LJ71-SB-510CZ LJ71-SB-201SP LJ71-SB-284FR LJ71-SB-501SP LJ71-SB-502S LJ71-SB-449SP LJ71-SB-480CZ LJ71-SB-777NC LJ71-SB-810NC LJ71 LJ71-RB-071 LJ71-RB-100 LJ71-SB-073 LJ71-SB-073GE LJ71-SB-076

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ73 Series
Packard Bell Easynote LJ73-RB-026UK LJ73-RB-208FR LJ73-RB-272FR LJ73-RB-703FR LJ73-SB-212NC LJ73-SB-213NC LJ73-SB-285FR LJ73-SB-706FR LJ73-SB-810NC LJ73-SB-811NC

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ75 Series
Packard Bell Easynote LJ75-GN-020UK LJ75-GN-071GE LJ75-GN-110CZ LJ75-GN-120CZ LJ75-GN-250FR LJ75-GN-278FR LJ75-GN-330SP LJ75-GN-332SP LJ75-GN-333CH LJ75-JO-004BE LJ75-JO-007BE LJ75-JO-070GE LJ75-JO-071GE LJ75-JO-072GE LJ75-JO-076GE LJ75-JO-080UK LJ75-JO-101RU LJ75-JO-102RU LJ75-JO-110IT LJ75-JO-150CZ LJ75-JO-230FR LJ75-JO-431SP LJ75-JO-562NC LJ75-JO-723NCD LJ75-JN-071GE LJ75-JN-072GE LJ75-JN-101RU LJ75-JN-125CZ LJ75-JN-130CZ LJ75-JN-331SP LJ75-JN-333SP LJ75-JN-253FR LJ-75-JN-265FR LJ75-JN-267FR LJ75-JN-855NC , LJ75 KAYFO, LJ75-JO-076GE LJ75-JO-080GE LJ75-JO-082GE

Packard Bell EasyNote LJ77 Series
Packard Bell Easynote LJ77-JO-287FR LJ77-GN-251FR LJ77-GU-357FR

Replace Part Number:

AS07B31, AS07B32, AS07B41, AS07B42, AS07B51, AS07B52, AS07B61, AS07B71, AS07B72

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